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Are you a scale worshiper? You know what I mean, right? A scale worshiper is someone who gets on the scale every. single. day. Oh and not only once a day but 5 times in a row or 3 times a day? Be honest with me here, are you a scale worshiper? If you had a choice from making that scale your god to determine your weight loss vs. using common sense, healthy eating and moving more to determine if you are living a healthier lifestyle, which would you choose? Which would you prefer if you had a choice?

Guess what? I use to be one of those scale worshipers. I would check that scale over and over, even 5 times in a row to make sure it was correct. When the scale would go up showing a weight gain I would want to eat in despair. When the scale would go down showing a weight loss I would eat in celebration of that ounce, pound or more loss. Be honest with me, is this you as well? I know that I'm not alone in this battle of worshiping a scale. Now that I have you depressed I have good news to share with you today!

Yesterday I shared this photo with my sweet friends in our Make Time 4 Healthier Lifestyle Group . I'm going to share the photo with you and then I want you to do what I asked of them in the below comments. LEAVE A COMMENT as to whatever you thought of when you saw this photo....Remember it has to be your first thought(s)!

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts in the comment section below! Want to read what my other friends shared about this photo? Click over to our Make Time for a Healthier Lifestyle and read up! Can you relate? Join our free group, too. We have great discussions on healthy living and struggles!

Here are a few of their comments (click over to read more). Can you relate? Again the scale is different for everyone. Good, bad, ugly and more! 

  • KH: Whoop! I just got on that thing this am and lost 2.5 pounds! I have seen a number on the scale that I have not seen in over 20 years! Right now it is a good friend. I am pretty sure this will not always be my reaction to this photo.
  • JB: Getting smaller! Two ways to measure success!
  • DY: Ugh.
  • AH: I'm trying!
  • RY: No pain, no gain!
  • DG: She's got nice curves.
  • CL: Not weighing today
  • CB: I can't budge that needle.
  • CE: Sadness & depression over my current weight. Thanks a lot, Susan!
  • RG: Weight does not equal size.
  • ML: A sexy woman!
  • WM: Love and hate relationship

 I have to tell you that you should use this scale as little as possible. As a matter of fact if you have one at home, throw it away. Wait are you too frugal to throw it away? Will it drive you insane to throw away a perfectly good scale? Then put it out in the garage, up in the attic, in a box in the closet. Whatever you do, please get the scale out of your eyesight and out of the eyesight of anyone else in the home.

Please do not use the scale as a way to determine if you are dropping pounds. Instead of a scale, go on how your clothes are fitting you. I challenge you to go one month in-between weighing yourself. Instead of worshiping the scale god, start eating the right foods and moving more. I can tell you all of this because I was a scale worshiper. I would let it determine how good or bad I would feel for that day or for that minute. It isn't easy to break away from it but you can do it.

Message me and I'll help. Again, I can help you because I have been there. I was a scale worshiper. Early October I went to my Dr. to get weighted. I was at 92 lbs down on my 2 1/2 year battle with weight loss (check my weight loss journey right here on my blog.)

My battle has been long and drawn out because it is a fight that I have to get through. I have had to learn how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, how much to exercise, how much is too much exercise and more! I have learned to not make the scale my god but to give thanks to my heavenly Father for all the gifts he has given me which includes food! Food can turn into a god which in turn gives way to the scale god. Those bad habits can be broken. Do you want to Make Time to take the Scale Down with me???

Join our Scale Is Going Down Challenge on Facebook! Let's break this unhealthy habit and free ourselves from the scale bondage today! We can do it together. Share this challenge post with your friends, too! Invite them into our group so we can work together. I will gladly work with you one on one as well. Email me, leave a comment below on how to contact you or message me on Facebook.

Give yourself this gift this holiday season. What is the gift? The gift is living a healthier lifestyle.

Here are my current free challenge groups.

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  1. Dear Susie, Your advice is good and it is healthy. It is about lifestyle and taking the time to cook and eat healthy food. Thank you for posting this I will take your challenge and not weigh myself for one month! Catherine


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