30 Day Ab Challenge

Who is up for a little bit of an ab challenge? What is an ab you ask? It is more like abs and that stands for abdominal which refers to your abdominal muscles. What? Why do we need an ab challenge? An ab challenge will help you work your abdominal muscles to strengthen the core of your body. The ab muscle can't be built up over night. They need continues work to get that "six pack" ab look. 

Thanks to 30 Day Fitness Challenges for this great graphic.
Besides working on an ab challenge such as the one below, we have to work on our overall healthy lifestyle. What you don't know what that means? It means we need to clean up what we eat, stop eating CRAP and start eating real FOOD. You can find out more about that in my Make Time for Clean Eating group. Click over and ask to join this free group to help you understand what CRAP really stands for and what real FOOD you should be eating. All are welcome in the group.

Yes we are now entering a month long grazing season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did you know that the average American gains 7-10 pounds from Halloween through the new year? Guess what YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AVERAGE! I want you to be below average, like WAY below average.

Anyone want some of these abs? You have to work for them!

You can do this today by

  1. Joining this ab challenge which includes 4 different exercises to do daily.  Anyone can do it. It also involves squats which work your leg muscles. (more on that at a later post) Follow the Make Time for Abs challenge group to get inspired and have accountability partners.
  2. Clean up your every day eating so that when it comes time to go to parties you can enjoy the company, holiday spirit and food without gaining the average weight gain. Follow the Make Time for Clean Eating challenge group to learn more.
  3. Learn about overall health and nutrition and join our FREE Fitness Group, Make Time for Healthier Lifestyle.
  4. Learn how to clean up that diet, HERE with the 21 Day Fix! Autumn is on this and knows what to do! 
Do yourself a favor and do this today! Why not be above average and ahead of the weight loss group at the office by starting to get healthy now instead of January 1st. Either way you can find me here and at all of the above groups to help inspire and motivate you daily.

BTW the time spent doing the Ab Challenge will slowly increase daily to help you build up your core. You only have to do the time shown on the challenge chart once a day.

THIS SALE IS OVER! Keep in touch as I'm sure we'll have a spring sale!

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