Rapid Renewal Challenge for Dry Winter Skin #RapidRenewal

Winter is harsh on my skin. The cold, dry air zaps any moistures and make my skin rough, itchy and irritated. I do my best not to itch by sometimes I do it and not even realize it. What are some of your winter skin challenges? Thanks to Global Influence for sponsoring this post. My own opinions are expressed here.
I participate in the Rapid Renewal Challenge which involved using Vaseline Intensive Care lotion over a few weeks. I was happy to particiapte as you can see the skin on the left is red and irritated from the late fall with winter like weather conditions. The lotion really helped take the redness out of my skin, made it less irritated and it got softer. I am still using it on my arms, hands, feet and legs as those are the areas which get the most irritated.

Do you have skin that could use some rapid renewal? If so, you too, can participate in this challenge by using Vaseline Intensive Care lotion or any other Vaseline brand products for several days to up to three weeks.

What will I win? You have a chance to win $30 Gift Card through Family Dollar

How do you share your results? You tweet your results and photos if you have them and use the hashtag #RapidRenewal. YES it is that easy!

Everyone is a winner! You can get $1 off coupon to use at Family Dollar right, here!

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