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It seems like kids younger and younger are getting cell phones these days. It is amazing how fast technology is moving these days so that it is reaching all the way down to elementary school kids carrying phones. What are the ages of the kids in your home with cell phones? How do you decide who gets a phone and when they get it? Do you have any concerns?  I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Virgin Mobile. I received a sample device to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

All of my girls have phones. The youngest is 15 and has had her own phone for at least 3 years. When she first got hers, I was worried about what parental features I could have and how easy it would be to access her phone. There is an ultra paranoid, ultra conservative "Mrs. Brady" in me that longs for the days where the home has just one phone line and the second one added is a pay phone. That way the kids use the phone at home and have to pay a dime to use it. 

I have just recently learned about Virgin Mobile and their custom mobile plans and top features which allows us to have the ability to build, share, control and manage our own mobile plans. Did you know about this? I never knew such plans existed.

As a parent, It is so important to give kids what is expected of them when using technology. Part of doing that is to give them some control so that they learn independence and depending on the age we need to make sure we have our parental controls in order. With the Virgin Mobile Custom website and plan you can control excessive mobile usage of their phone including texting, music streaming and more. Through the Virgin Mobile Custom app we can set our parental controls using our own iOS or Android device. How awesome is that? Virgin Mobile makes it easy for us parents. 

Virgin Mobile Custom prepaid plans allow us to determine our monthly bill based on our cell phone. They make it easy to stay within the family budget for everyone. Some of the features I like included:

  • Freedom to build your own custom plan
  • Be in control of your talk, text & data from your phone
  • Choose what we need and want for talk & text for each phone line
  • Share plan with up to 5 lines
  • Easy to use parental features
  • Ability to set curfew and allowances for any line
  • Decide how much we want to pay and not allowing overages
  • Easy to adjust monthly plan by allowing adding and removing services instantly from our phone
  • Receive automatic alerts when lines approach limits
  • No cell phone contract. I repeat, No. Cell Phone. Contract.
  • Good phone selection including LG PULSE

Did you know that the Virgin Mobile Custom devices are available at select Walmart stores and at! Have you seen the devices in store? Have you played with them? Which one do you want to get? Find out more with the Virgin Mobile Custom YouTube video, on Facebook and Twitter.

Time some time to check out their plans and see if this works for you and your family. 

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