Top Creative Holiday Card Display Ideas #HolidayCardDisplay

The holidays are fast approaching which means it will be time for me to send out our family Christmas cards. While I love sending out our cards each year, I really enjoy getting cards from family and friends. For the most part, the cards and photo cards that we receive are from family and friends who do not live near us. I love displaying those cards at the holidays and all year long. How about you? Thanks to Global Influence for sponsoring this post.  

About 8 years or so ago I found these wire decorative wall frames at a local craft store. I knew right away when I saw them that I wanted to hang these up in our family room to display our Christmas cards.

As the cards start arriving I add them to the wire frames. I leave the cards up through the holidays as a form of holiday decoration. When the holidays are over, I leave them up for the rest of the year until the next year's cards arrive. I know that might seem kinda of crazy but I love looking at them all year long. I also love it when people come over and they see that I have their card hanging up. 

How do you display your holiday cards? Now that you saw my idea, I'm sharing some of my favorites which I found on Pinterest. I hope you enjoy them and get inspired to display your Christmas cards this year, too! 

Framed Christmas Cards by Reasons to Skip the Housework

DIY Santa Bucket by That's What (Che) Said

How to Display Christmas Cards by Interior Design Info.

Snowman Wreath by Simply Sprout - I think that I"m adding this to my decor this year! LOVE IT!!!!

Creative Christmas Card Display by The Frugal Homemaker

DIY Cardholder from Women's Day

I love this card from Paper Culture. It would be so fun to get and hang up! (hint hint)

This post was inspired by Paper Culture who offer unique Christmas Cards and Holiday Cards.

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