Challenge Yourself Now! Healthy Eating and Healthy Exercise Challenges

Did you know that you can start today to get on the healthy track instead of waiting until January 1st? I have learned over the years that if you start today then you will be will on your way into the New Year. There are a lot of ways to get started and I have several ideas for you. 

One of our favorite ways to get healthy  new habits is to challenge yourself and do the 21 Day Fix. The Fix teaches you portion control, clean and healthy eating, how many calories to eat each day and what exercises to do each day.  If you start this within the next week or so you will be doing it through Christmas parties and even Christmas Day. That is NOT a bad thing. This would get you through the month of December without all the holiday weight gain. YES you can enjoy the holiday spirits without gaining wait. In fact, you can drop weight, enjoy the parties and be ahead of the New Year Resolution crowd. 

Here are the ways to get the 21 Day Fix in your hands, now!

  • Read more about it here (click SHOP to read the description). (If you order the challenge pack in December you will get a $10 amazon gift card from me. Want to save more money? Order this by being a discount coach and save $40 on the Challenge pack. Message me at if you want either discount or friend me on Facebook and send me a message.)
  • Join our 21 Day Fix Challenge group to have me as your FREE personal coach, get inspired by others doing this program and become accountable and have accountability partners.

Join one of our Challenge groups. The challenge groups will give you a free coach (me), free ideas on how to stay healthy or get healthier, exercises you can do at home and accountability by others doing the same task. 

Here are my current free challenge groups.

I also have 2 more groups to give 1 on 1 training. One group is for my sponsored coaches and the other is for Fit Club Coaches. Both are exclusive and if you want to join them, friend me on Facebook and send me a message.

Last but surely not least, here is a challenge we can all do! Just do not make this your main challenge for 2015.

One last group.... I'm starting up a Test Group which will be a challenge group for the brand new Insanity Max : 30 which will start in a few weeks. Want to be in this exclusive group? To get more info, friend me on Facebook and send me a message.

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