Can I Lose Weight If I Don't Eat Vegetables? {Weight Loss Questions & Answers}

Hi friends! We are just days away from having the first month of January 2015 complete! Take a look at your calendar. What did you mark off completed? What did you not get done? Did you have goals that you completed? Still have uncompleted goals? Maybe you never had any to begin with? 

Whatever the case, know that the past is the past and today is your present. A present is a gift and I want to give you a gift. My gift is to give you guidance on making and completing goals. I want to give you healthy tips, healthy recipes and healthier options for food and exercise which I have learned along the way in my own healthier lifestyle journey. That is why I started the "weight loss q & a's" because several of you have messaged me some of your concerns and questions. This way I can help them and help you!

So last Q & A session someone asked, "Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?" I answered that question so pop over and check out my advice. This week I'm addressing, "Can I Lose Weight If I Don't Eat Vegetables?" and when I say veggies, I do not mean french fries, fried pickles, fried okra,... ahem you get the picture, right? My friend was talking legit veggies here....fresh, steamed and without the added butter. She is well aware that any fried veggie is not a safe bet for weight loss. 

She, we will call her Mz. Pickle (oh and she is not the only one asking this so don't think you are off the hook) wanted me to know that no way can she do the 21 Day Fix Healthy Eating plan because she does not eat veggies. Mz. Pickle wants to know how to do the eating plan without eating the 4-5 servings of veggies each day. She wants to know how she can lose weight without eating those darn veggies!

Raise your hand if this is your same question or if you have a friend like Mz. Pickle who refuses to eat her veggies! To be honest here, and it is my blog so I can do that, Mz. Pickle most likely does not eat healthy veggies because they haven't been a part of her life in the fast food world unless it is a french fry. So it doesn't surprise me that veggies are not her favorite thing to buy, make, eat at restaurants, etc. My heart literally breaks for those who do not like veggies. There are so many veggies that are being neglected because people just haven't had them in their daily diet. 

Guess what? Let's start with the basic here. If you want to get legit weight loss and make changes to be a healthier you then veggies will need to become your friend. How can you do this? You do this by picking veggies you do like and eat them and then start adding in new ones. You will give your body a chance to try new, healthy things and you can grow to like them. The 21 Day Fix has helped people learn exactly what you need to eat, how many veggies for example as well as give you ideas on how to eat them, what to season them with and more. 

If you are wanting to get your eating under control which is that 80% of weight loss then please please please consider purchasing the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan & Exercise Plan. This program is through BeachBody and it is serious. I have this program and my husband has loss over 20 pounds and serious inches the past 6 weeks using it. The program comes with containers to each you portion control and tells you how many containers to eat for each meal and for the day. I have started using the containers with my current routine as well and love how easy it is to know how much of what to eat. This program will help you eat veggies so you can drop pounds and inches! It will you find a way to eat healthy instead of excuses to skirt around eating them.

I LOVE this video from Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler. He is the CEO of the billion dollar health company yet he openly admits that he isn't a fan of veggies. He has learned over the years that veggies need to be a part of his daily life and he created a video to show you just that. He also drinks Shakeology daily (so do I) which helps his body get the nutrients and super foods to help with his lack of veggie eating.  Check out his video - it is honest and fun! This is why I work for Beachbody. I love this company.

He made, "Carl's "Unrecognizable Vegetable Salad" which he eat about four days a week. He isn't on the 21 Day Fix but this can be eaten on the plan. 


Baby spinach
Sunflower seeds

Directions: Finely chop up every vegetable so it becomes unrecognizable! Genius, right? Even though we love veggies, I'm going to make this salad for my family next week. We love mixing up our meals on the 21 Day Fix and this will for sure fit in.

What are your favorite veggies? Do you have any weight loss questions and answers? Leave them in the comments below or email me at

Click here to get the full scoop on the program, 21 Day Fix. If you do order it through me then I become your free health coach. I will be the one walking you through this program as much as you need me to.

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