Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise? {Weight Loss Questions & Answers}

Welcome to a new series I will be sharing on my blog for 2015. I've been trying to come up with a fancy name but the questions will all be about weight loss. So to keep it super simple I'll just call it "Weight Loss Questions & Answers".... what do you think of that name? 

A quick background on me so you know who is answering these questions. I'm Susie and this is my blog. I started way back in 2006 posting and sharing recipes. Since March 2012 I took on a healthier lifestyle journey to walk off my weight. I was 140 pounds over weight according to the top of the doctor chart and the weight was still pilling on. I pretty much had myself convinced that I had a thyroid issue because that was the buzz word I picked up from TV, books, magazines, friends, etc. Well guess what? My thyroid was fine. What wasn't fine was my scary high blood pressure, blood sugar levels fluctuating on diabetes, other aches & pains and over all sluggishness. At that point I was 42 and had been a yo-yo dieter since a little kid. All that "dieting" ever got me was more and more weight on the scale. 

So 2012 I began my journey of walking off my weight and changing my eating habits by cutting my bad food intake in half and increasing good food. From there I joined classes at my gym and dropping pounds, slowly. I decided that every day was going to be my game and journey and I was in this for a change of a lifetime. For over 2 3/4 years I have learned a lot about weight loss, exercise and more. People ask me all the time how I have been dropping the pounds. When I tell them that I use the exercise diet they do not believe me and walk away. There is something about exercise that freaks people out. Deep down we all would rather not exercise to erase years and years of accumulated fat. 

So speed it up to current times! I'm at my 100 pound weight loss with 40 more to do to hit the top of my weight goal. As I get closer to that goal I have realized that number doesn't mean a thing anymore. For some reason I thought that number was the do or die to get to. It isn't true anymore. Because I exercise I have a lot of muscle mass and that number might not even look right on me when I get closer. So honestly I do not focus on that number at all. Right now I am focusing on my clothes that I'm currently wearing and getting down at least 3-5 more in pant sizes and stay there. For women we know that there is a range because all the pants are different sized. So I have that goal for 2015. 

I've blogged about my healthier lifestyle journey as I have had time. I also share on Facebook and in my personal life. Click any of the links below to read more. I want to help you make a goal for 2015. Will you let me help you? Get in touch with me by leaving a comment, emailing me at or join my 2 main pages on Facebook. From Facebook you can message me or leave a comment on any of the topic. I can help you! 

I will be posing these {Weight Loss Questions & Answers} as they come up. So check in frequently. You can also join my {Weight Loss Questions & Answers} mailing list and I will send out mailings about once a month or so.  The new mailing list will include healthy tips, healthier recipes and more! Guess what? It is free to join, too!

NOW ON TO Question #1 Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

This question comes up all the time with friends who do not go to my gym. The gym people know the answer and that is why they are there working out. The answer isn't easy but here it goes. 

Yes you can have a weight loss without exercise. Did you know that on average weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% how you burn your calories? So saying this then yes you can drop pounds by changing your eating plan. I can tell you that at the beginning of my journey I chose to cut my bad food in half and increase more fruits and veggies. This worked for me because over time I was eating less and less of that bad food and started eating more and more fresh and healthy foods. This worked because I was also burning calories at the gym. Over time I've had to make other dietary changes to keep the weight coming off. Currently I'm using the 21 Day Fix food portion containers & plan to take me to my goal.

So yes you can change your eating habits and drop pounds but that isn't the full picture. You will need to burn calories to get more weight to come off and to change your seditentary lifestyle. If you are on your feet or moving all day with your job, that isn't exercise. Exercise involves at least 20 minutes of heart raising movements daily. Your walking the halls at school, the office or at the Dr. clinic is not exercise. 

I will NOT just answer questions without giving you my suggestions. I'm also a health coach and will always share with you what I currently think is the best product related to the question being asked. To get my full opinion on something and to custom find a plan that will work for you, please email me at , subscribe to my new mailing list and join my other health groups. From there I can help you make your goals right now. Don't wait any longer to get started. 

If you are wanting to get your eating under control which is that 80% of weight loss then please please please consider purchasing the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan & Exercise Plan. This program is through BeachBody and it is serious. I have this program and my husband has loss over 20 pounds and serious inches the past 6 weeks using it. The program comes with containers to each you portion control and tells you how many containers to eat for each meal and for the day. I have started using the containers with my current routine as well and love how easy it is to know how much of what to eat. 

Click here to get the full scoop on the program, 21 Day Fix. If you do order it through me then I become your free health coach. I will be the one walking you through this program as much as you need me to.

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  1. I lost 90 lbs. by only eating healthy & watching my calorie intake... no exercise.


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