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I really do believe that my teens are busier these days then when I was a teen. My teens all were (are) enrolled full time in the local Community College for their last two years of high school. This has allowed them to get dual high school and college credit. Not only have they been away all day for school, they work and have other activities every day and on the weekends. How about your teens? Are they always on the go? I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for X Out. I received samples of X Out to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. 

Our last teen at the Community College is also very involved in sports. As you know, sports means sweaty faces! This can cause a lot of breakouts if proper care isn't taken care of the skin. She has had issues with acne this year. She agreed to test out X Out which is a one-step acne treatment. The one step is great for the busy teen who doesn't want to remember to use 3 or 4 various products to just take care of the acne. X Out's one-step Wash-In Treatment has proven to be a powerful breakout fighting medicine that works at the pores to help kill the pimple causing bacteria while protecting the skin and moisturizing it along the way.

My teen loves how easy this product is to use, how great it smells and how clean she feels after using it. You can check out X Out at their website and order your teen a bottle, too! Let her try it for herself! We also follow X Out on Facebook and Twitter. Follow along and see what all the teens are saying about X Out. 

Stay tuned for a video on my teens love of X Out!

Can you tell how much she loves X Out? She definitely has more confidence now that she has found a product that actually works on her skin. She has less breakouts with a product that takes very little time to use each day and no problem with dry, itchy skin. We will keep getting X Out for Emily as it seems to be the best product for her skin. If you are looking for a similar product for your teen, try X Out! 

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