January National Soup Month Recipes {Healthy Spicy Lentil Soup Recipe}

Did you know that January is National Soup Month?? Yep! Just in time since the polar vortex is headed our way. Soup warms the soul, feeds the senses and fills up the belly! Who needs anything else on a cold winter day?

I'll be sharing some of our old favorites and some brand new recipes this month. Check in daily and I'll share as many as possible this month. I'll also post them on my SusieQTpies Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest. So follow me on those social media channels so keep up and not miss some heart warming recipes. 
Best Soup Recipes

If you have any favorites, share the recipe in the comments below. YES, share your links if they are on your blog! I'm going to do a round up of my top favorites, top viewed on my blog and I'll give you some shout outs, too!

Today's recipe was actually made by my hubby, Middle Eastern Spicy Lentil Soup! It was really the first "slow cooker recipe" he ever made or has made. When he did this a few years back it really was the first time he had made a meal in a long time. This is fine with me because I love cooking for my family. How about in your home? Who does all the cooking? 

Spicy Lentil Soup Recipe
If you are eating healthier for 2015 this is one recipe you will want to make. It is all healthy and very flavorful! Click over to Middle Eastern Spicy Lentil Soup to get this recipe. 
lentil soup recipe

Need help eating healthy in 2015? Check out on my eating plan and the ever popular buzz word for healthy eating and healthy living this year, The 21 Day Fix. Do you ever wonder if you can drop pounds by not exercising? If so check out a reader question, Can I Lose Weight without Exercise and help with healthy New Year Resolutions

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