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Time to get your Homeschool organized! Do you have a few areas in your home or school that could use a little bit of extra organization? I did & thanks to Christie Love with Simple Organized Sanity (SOS) for helping me in 3 trying areas of my Homeschool & Home!
Homeschool families and other work from home parents have unique organizational challenges.  It isn't always easy to work/teach where you live.  If my home isn't picked up or organized then that affects my work and teaching.  It goes both ways.  It isn't always easy to have a picked up and organized home if your work or school area is disorganized.

In January 2009, Christie took her dream career of professional organizing to a new level.  She was ready to get working to help  give others a "real world" way of keeping their life organized.

How did Christie help me?

In email, Christie sent me a list of specific questions for me to answer.  She wanted to know what three areas of organization frustrated me and affected my homeschooling, other road blocks that I encounter and how long I've struggled with them.  The next day, in email, she sent me an awesome Homeschool Planner Worksheet, and planned on using that as part of our discussion that next day via a phone call!  She gave me dates and times to choose from to have her call me to discussion my "disorganization".

During the 30-45 min. phone coaching call, Christie thoroughly went over the items on my questionnaire. She addresses each one with very helpful tips.  Not only did she give me advice but she asked me each time "is this something that you think you will use or be helpful for your family".  I enjoyed our time together on the phone. 
She gave me great advice on using the daily planner worksheet to keep track of the daily schedule and to keep that worksheet as part of the record of our school schedule. 

I also never liked not having my home all picked up, kitchen dishes done,etc before starting school.  A lot of days I would just not do it but then got frustrated when people would stop in during the day. I like to have things tidy but struggled with get it all done before school started that day.  Christie gave me sound, practical advise to get me organized each day!  

Two other areas where keeping on 11 year old organized. She would take forever to get her supplies gathered and was always loosing them.  She suggested a basket method and to reward her when she was on time! Praise helped the child!

She went from put the folders and books like this on the book shelf to this great basket where she can also put her pencils, pens,etc.

The last area was a personal thing for me. I love coupons but I'm a very bad organizer of them. I shop ever 7-10 days or so for my planned out meals. I go through my coupons as I'm planning my meals.  I had them clipped on a clipboard that just didn't work. They would fall off and were out of order so it took me longer than needed to write my list and get shopping!  Christie suggest that I buy a small accordion folder to filed them away.  I know I should have done it years ago! The folder is letter size so it fits easily in my bag if I need to take it with me to the store.  So I went from clipboard to organized file folder!

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This blog post was part of a Blogger Select Blog program sponsored by The Product Review Place and Simple Organized Sanity! As part of my participation I received the coaching call. The review is of my own words.  SOS is donating one free coaching call to one of my blog readers!
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