Children's Big Green Alligator Music Review

Big Green Alligator
Silly songs for your children can either be fun or annoying! I say this because over the years we've listened to a lot of kids music. It isn't fun being trapped in a car for a long trip and have annoying music playing. We have found many favorites that we listen to and recommend to others or purchase for others as gifts!

I'm happy to report that I love the Big Green Alligator CD. Lisa Weyerhaeuser created these stories into songs over a 15 year period while on long road trips.  The music is a combination of Folk and Pop. Not only does she know what songs kids like but what songs parents like too!  Her voice is very smooth and caring.  As an adult, I was drawn into listening, too!

I shared the music with a two year old who loved the quick beat songs as well as the slower paced songs.  She kept asking to see "Silly Bob" which is tract number 2.  I also played the CD for our Preschool three and four year olds. They had fun getting up and dancing to The Big Green Alligator and Silly Bob.  I personally loved Carry The Flame, My Little Brother, and Goodnight Sleep Tight.

The really cool thing about this CD, too, is that Lisa has dedicated a portion of the sales to Teen Mother Choices International, a unique program that utilizes volunteers from local area churches to help provide teen mothers with a support system. You can read more about them here, Teen Mother Choices International.

I  love the bright colors of the album cover.  Big Green Alligator and Silly Bob with his corn are on the cover. I appreciate having the words to the CD, too.

 One copy of CD. US only. Leave email at least once.

ENTER- To enter click here, BIG GREEN ALLIGATOR, and listen to the tract. Come back and tell me a song you like.  This has to be done to enter the giveaway.

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Giveaway ENDS APRIL 19th, 2011
Thanks to The Adams Group for the review copy of the CD and a copy for the giveaway.  Thanks to The Product Review Place for the contact with PR.
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