Ultimate Blog Party 2010 after party and Cookbook WINNERS

Toot Tootin' my #ubp10 party horn on my blog for the last time today!!! I've had a lot of FUN this past week going around the world of bloggers, visiting their blogs, following Google Friend Connects, Networked Blogs, Facebook Fan pages and Twitter following!!!  Last year was my first year and I think I visited 30-40 blogs.  This year I am certain that I visited between 400-500!  I've met some great new blog friends.  I found a lot who share my interest of loving coffee, books, homeschooling, sushi, cooking, sharing recipes, etc. 

Our friends over at 5MinutesForMom asked that we make an after party post and list 3 of our favorite *NEW* blogs that we visited this week!  I've been racking my brain all night (lost sleep on this one) to figure out which 3 to list.  This isn't an easy task and I personally don't like list like this because it leaves off so many other new friends.

What I will do is tell you that I have tweeted with several peeps who I have had fun chatting with and they also have great blogs.   So here are a few of my new fav twitter peeps and their blogs:

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
1) Dayngr
So her twitter name is "Danger" but her avatar is  cute with a pink background and a blond woman avatar! She doesn't look like Danger and she is a lot of fun!  She would throw "confetti" at me when I would "toot my party horn"  Like I said I had fun tweeting her this week.  She had a lot of fun giveaways on her blog this week!  You can find her hanging out here here and here!  If you stop in and visit/fan her tell her Susieqtpies said HI!

2) NerdMom
I'm sorry but how can you not love the name NerdMom.  She is very helpful on twitter. I had a blogger question that I put out there and she responded quickly! Guess we were online at the same time!  She is a homeschool mom which ROCKS in my book since I am one, too!!!  When you stop in tell her Susieqtpies said HI! You can find her hanging out on twitter and
3)  aquamarine76- 
Ok so I've known this chickie for awhile on Twitter. I don't think we ever tweeted about much but I know her name  from twitter parties, giveaways,etc.  She made a Vlog- video blog party post that totally cracked me up and I think of her now every time I hear or see Diet Dr. Pepper!!!  Go check out her cool blog and tell her Susieqtpies said "Toot Toot".  Here blog is One Cluttered Brain.

4) OK I know to list 3 but here is my Twitter List called UBP10 .  
These are the twitter peeps who are following me back so far from the party.  It is over 100 long.  Go tweet them and follow their links! They are all fun and have some great blogs!!!

5) One last plug, check out thedailybasics The Daily Basics. It is a fun blogazine (blog magazine format). The owner is very fun to tweet, too.   
I wish that I had more than 2 to giveaway! If u didn't win and want one LMK and I can give you the specifics.

Congrats and thanks again to all who stopped in and left comments, followed,etc!!
Thanks again 5minutesformom 5MinutesForMoms


  1. hey chicky! thanks for the shout out!
    I too shouted YOU out as well!
    Thanks!!! Great party minds think alike i guess! :) have a great weekend!

  2. You're a gem! We did have some fun didn't we? Now I have to find a picture of confetti to go along with my post & your party horns. Woo hoo!

    Don't let my sweet pink avatar fool you. I'm Dayngrous. LOL *wink

  3. I won?! NO WAY!!! This morning I woke up hoping to see an email from 5M4M saying I had won something. Instead I have a lovely email from you inviting me to see who the winners were...and 1 was me. I can NOT believe you visited so many people!! Did you sleep? It's my first year and didn't get to 200. I have no idea, other than taking the week off next year how I'd do it differently! I will email you back.


  4. Susie - I mention you in my After party post. Your button does not link back to your blog however and wanted to let you know..I will still be back as I love your blog!


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