Valentine Treats and Crafts Link up!

 Step on up sweethearts and list your sweet treats and crafts!  Link up some great ideas so we can come visit you!  I'll start it off with my Valentine Sundae! If you are a sweetie and follow my blog, let me know with a comment and I will come on over and bring some blog love to you!  If you link up a post consider linking it on your blog to mine! Feel free to use the picture above!
Super easy, No bake Valentine Sundae


1 pound cake, cut into cubes
1 lb. strawberries, cut into 4's (use fresh if they are tasty, if not use thawed n' sweetened frozen berries)
1 jar hot fudge, slightly warm
1 bottle whipped cream


You are going to create layers! Start with hot fudge, then berries, next use cake and finally whipped cream. Do this until your glass is full!  Use more of less of the ingredients as you choose.   So easy and very tasty!  Top with sprinkles or even candy hearts.  My daughter hot glued candy hearts to pic sticks and stuck it in the glass.  You can use a parfait glass, wine glass (that is what I used), etc.

Have fun with it! Use brownie chunks, nuts, caramel, cookies, etc.

Now link up!!  SusieQTpies
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