FREE Lunch Box Notes for Back to School

Parents will pack thousands of lunches this year as they send their children off to school. By signing up for free “Lunch Box Notes” from Adventures in Wisdom, the fun life coaching program for kids, they can mentor their kids with every meal.

Each week parents receive an email containing five inspirational messages that they can print and personalize for each day’s lunch. Or, they can opt to send the messages via email, text or voicemail.

“Lunch time is a great opportunity for parents to impart important life lessons in less than a minute each day,” said Renaye Thornborrow, a certified coach, former marketing executive in the K-12 industry and mother of twins. “The conversation that parents spark with their kids during lunch can easily be continued at home while unpacking the lunch boxes – it’s a great way for parents to connect with their kids and share their own wisdom as well.”

Here are just a few examples of “Lunch Box Notes” and below you can sign up to receive free lunch box notes!

1) “Limited expectations produce limited results. Expect great things of yourself and you will soar! – Wyatt the Wise Wizard (“Character Mentor” from the Adventures in Wisdom Program)….Fly baby fly!

2) "Every time you are with someone, you leave a mark - a ‘gold heart’ or a ‘grungy mark’ -based on how you treat them.  Treat others as you would like to be treated!" – Wyatt the Wise Wizard….What type of mark will you make today?

3) " You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” - Zig Ziglar….On your mark....get set.......GGGGOOOOOOOOOOO!

4) “If you ever need a zipadeedooo to lift a yucky mood, use gratitude!  It will shift you right out of the grungies and into the smileys!  - Wyatt the Wise Wizard….Are ya smiling?

Sign up at

lunch-box and start empowering their kids one message at a time.

About Adventures in Wisdom (provided article)
Based in Austin, Texas, Adventures in Wisdom is a breakthrough life coaching program for kids that uses short stories and activities to teach children ages 6-12 how to develop powerful self-esteem and self-confidence; achieve their goals; handle challenges in life such as fear, failure, and peer pressure; and create happy fulfilling lives. Kids learn over 25 critical life skills via ebooks or audio programs which can be completed while at home or in the car. For more information call 860-580-WISE or visit http://www.AdventuresInWisdom.


  1. Lunch box notes for kids is a great idea for parents to be able to guide or advice their kids from afar and still let them have their independence. Thanks for the great post! :)


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