Online photo printing ISSUES!

Ok this is a RANT! Just a small one and I'm hoping that you can chime in and share with me your experience.

I'm a huge fan of online photo services. I've used most of them at least once and for various projects. I currently use Shutterfly on a regular basis. They have a user friendly website. I love clicking on which photos that I want and then within a week my pictures arrive to pass out, scrapbook,etc.

A few weeks ago I needed to print off pictures quickly so I ordered through Shutterfly, as usual and  had my photos set to be picked up at Walmart one-hour service. After waiting 6 hours for an email confirmation from Walmart, that never arrived, I called them. They said that their machines were down and my pictures would be ready in a few days. I'm a totally understanding person, I know machines break down BUT their system should have been updated to let me know that my pictures would take days vs. one-hour. The photo dept. did have my order and they could have called or sent me a text message. I was very disappointed.

This story continues with me going through the Shutterfly process, again, sending the photos on to Walgreens. They were ready in one-hour and the photos looked great. After going through my photos and planning out my project I found that I needed a few more photos printed off. I decided to try Target Photo Dept. because they had a $.10 sale and I was headed over there to shop. I did the same order process and ended up with a similar problem like I had at Walmart. This time, I ordered and after not getting an update within 2 hours I headed over there to the store. This time I find out that the person who runs the photo dept. didn't show up for work. The nice clerk working the service desk told me that they would be done the next day "if she shows up tomorrow for work", yikes!

After shopping I went home, uploaded the same pictures to Walgreens and had them within the hour. Thank you Walgreens!

Why this post? I'm curious as to your experience with picking up photos in local stores. I really do think that if a company offers one-hour and can't meet that deadline they should call, text, email the person ordering or have their computers updated. Enough said by me!

One last thing, do you scrapbook?? I want to blog my recent scrapbooking experience and wonder how many of you scrapbook.
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