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One of our favorite games by McNeill Designs is You've Been Sentenced. The other one is Twisted Fish. You've Been Sentenced is now found in schools all across the U.S.A! It has won 17 national awards and is available at Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s, Toys R Us and 100’s of independent stores and catalogs. So if you are looking for fun games for kids and families this season these are two that you will want to consider.

For 3 to 10 Players / Ages 8 and up

Play Time: 30-45 minutes
540-card word deck
Score sheet pad
Sand timer
Rules sheet

Overview/Object of Game

You’ve been Sentenced!TM by McNeill Designs for Brighter MindsTM is a completely original game system which utilizes pentagon-shaped cards containing conjugations of funny words, famous names, and familiar places. With a hand of 10 cards, players build sentences, challenging their ingenuity while trying to score the most points per round by constructing a grammatically correct and sensible sentence. Most words are worth 5 points, but some of the more unusual conjugations are often worth more, based on usage difficulty in a sentence.

During play, any player can object to another player’s sentence. For example, is the sentence’s grammar correct? Is its meaning understandable? The defending player and the objecting player must argue their points to the rest of the players, who form a “Jury.” The Jury votes on whether or not the sentence is acceptable. Hilarity ensues when a player tries to defend, explain, and justify a completely ridiculous sentence to the Jury. Only accepted sentences score points. The first player to reach 200 or more points wins! 


Our Take On the Game:  This is a crazy game.  The box and cards are shaped like pentagon.  I love weird shaped games and cards.  It can be difficult to "shuffle" the cards like a normal set of cards. If you try and do this, you will drive yourself batty!  Just put them all on the table and spread them around to get them mixed.  Then put them back into formed piles!  I say crazy because it is unlike any game that we already own.  You have to somehow form a sentence using 10 random cards that is also grammatically correct (yeah right).  We get a lot of laughs out of our "sentences."

The first two times that I played this game with my 11 year old, my old 40 something head was hurting me!  She was whipping out sentences and I was going "huh?" The game is all about fun and being crazy! On the third hand (ok so I'm a slow learner?) I was into it 110% and determined to make my sentence before she did and use more cards to get more points.  My daughter will tell you that I'm very competitive and will strive to win whatever game I'm playing.  
The funny thing with this game is that it puts every player on the same level.  No one really has an advantage over anyone else because the cards that you get are all you have to form your sentence.  If you love making long, meaningful sentences you'll learn to love short, quirky sentences with high points! 

This is a 3-8 player game but my 11 year old and I play this all the time.  It is more crazy-fun when you have more players but two can play it just as well.  I love games where you have to make words with your letter tiles.  I'm thinking that this sentence making game ranks up there with my word games and even passes up my love of Monopoly (which is my most favorite classical childhood game).  

The game has add-on decks, too! Besides the basic cards, you can add-on Sci Fi/Fantasy, Nasa Space Terms, Pop Culture, Gourmet Cuisine, Sports Highlights and Brain Busters. 
The other hot game, which is great for a $10 and under gift exchange is Twisted Fish.
For Ages 8 and up, 30-40 min, 3-6 players
13 unique Fish characters in five different colors, plus 8 unique "Zingers" that allow you to break the rules, makes "Twisted Fish" a unique game experience. The real challenge takes place when asking for the fish cards you are collecting. Now you have to be specific about the type of fish and color you are seeking. "Twisted Fish" challenges you to remember every question asked at the table. It is challenging and fun right down to the very last card!
We promise you'll fall hook, line, and sinker! "Twisted Fish" offers laugh-out-loud fun for the entire family.
Will you be the family card shark? Or will you be the lowly shrimp?
  • Twisted Fish's game play takes the traditional game of Go Fish and adds new, essential twists. The familiarity of the rules allow for quick learning.
  • Unique Zinger cards ensure that the game is always exciting and fresh.
  • Developed by toy and game veteran Martin Uniacke and Hollywood special-effects artist Jody Fedele.
  • Humorous, original illustrations created by Jody Fedele keep players laughing at the fishy antics of an aquarium full of comical characters.
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up. The whole family will love Twisted Fish for its hilarious game play and outrageous characters.
  • Cultivates memory skills as players track cards that "swim" around the table from player to player.
  • Both Skill and Luck are needed, making it fun for all ages and skill levels. 

Our take on the game: This is a very quick playing game. It is a fast moving and will keep you afloat for some good old family fun! We found that this game is a great ice breaker game. Pull it out when you have new people over and before you know it everyone will be talking, laughing and just being plain silly.

Check out both these games online as well as their other games AND look for them during your holiday shopping at Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s, Toys R Us and 100’s of independent stores and catalogs. 

We received these games from the company with the intention to write a tasty, honest review. Our own opinions are expressed here.

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