Gingerbread Chocolate Eclair Dessert Recipe

Torani Gingerbread Chocolate Eclair Dessert is one of our favorite holiday treats! Oh my this is one tasty dessert. I've made this dessert several different ways but I have to say the added Torani Gingerbread syrup really kicks this dessert up into high class! Besides being so tasty it is also very EASY to make. I hope you try it, soon.

You do not need to add the flavored syrup to this dessert. It taste great without it, too! If you have Torani Syrup feel free to try different flavors.

Gingerbread Chocolate Creamy Eclair Dessert


2 small boxes of french vanilla instant pudding mix
16 oz Cool whip, thawed
3 cups of milk
1/2 box of graham crackers
2 ounces of Torani Gingerbread flavored syrup
1 can of chocolate frosting


Mix together pudding, milk, Torani Gingerbread syrup and cool whip.
Take a 9 X 13 pan and line the bottom with graham crackers.
Layer on half of the whipped cream mixture.
Add another layer of graham crackers.
Layer the other half of whipped cream mixture.
Top with another layer of graham crackers.
Melt 1 can of frosting for 30 seconds in the microwave.
Pour frosting evenly over graham crackers.
Cover and put in fridge for 6 hours or over night. The longer it sits the better it gets.

Kitchen notes
This recipe can be made with any type of instant pudding. Try other Torani syrups, too!

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  1. This looks delish and easy. I just subscribed for your emails so I can get some more food ideas. I'm usually not a big recipe follower but today I'm working on our meal plan and feeling the need for some "help" - hehe.

    Found you at one of the link ups...Women Living Well I think.

  2. Oh yum! I am definitely going to try this one!

  3. This would make a great holiday dessert

    And I entered the Torani Giveaway

  4. Wow! This sounds delicious! I'm bookmarking and imagining variations on the flavors! I am SO entering your Torani giveaway!
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  5. this sounds good I made a Chocolate eclair cake this summer for family get-together. It went over well.

    entered torani giveaway

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. Interesting and so easy to make!

  7. I can't lie I am skipping the turkey this year and eating this!

  8. This looks so good!

    I enterd Torani Giveaway!!

  9. Oooo, this looks delicious! Where do you get Gingerbread Flavored Syrup? You mean like for flavoring coffee?

  10. Wow this looks so very good and easy too, gotta to love that.

    Next Week I am hosting a Holiday Treats week and I hope you will stop by and link up some of your favorite holiday treats.

  11. I've made dozens of chocolate eclair cakes. I've been warned at some get togethers that I won't be allowed in without one, but I've never flavored the cream filling before! I'll have to give that a try! Thanks :)

  12. That sounds really good, I will have to find that syrup, I have not found that flavor yet

  13. Mmm...your gingerbread eclair sounds fantastic! In fact, it'll be one of tomorrow's features on "A Little Birdie Told Me..."! Thanks so much for linking-up!

  14. That looks sooo good! Too good to be good for you. =p

  15. Thanks for submitting the recipe for Tasty Traditions. It looks great. Come back and visit.


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