Holiday Drinks with Holiday Reindeer Reinbeer Christmas Goodies

How many of you give homemade gifts for Christmas? I would love to say that I knit and crochet wonderful holiday gifts but I do not. Instead I put together gifts that are personal and when I can I make it fun! That is how I started making reinbeer for some of the males on my Christmas list. This project can be done with beer or root beer. I love giving holiday goodies for gifts. Someday I will work on a knitted scarf!

reindeer crafts

To get this easy to do tutorial, click on over to the Reindeer Reinbeer post.

What do you like to create at the holidays? Join in my 30 Days of Christmas Goodies to find, for the most part, easy to make treats, gifts and holiday recipes for your family and friends this season. If you have any to share, leave the link in the comments and I'll come check them out.

Even More Christmas Goodies

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