Handy MinuteClinic Tips on the Differences between a Cold and the Flu #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating.

Flu season is here! We know of quite a few around us who have already suffered this year from the flu. It seems like those with colds, coughs and the flu are popping up all over the place. How do you tell the difference from a cold or the flu? What do you do for each one and where do you go to get treated? 
cold symptoms

Here are a few difference from the flu and just a cold. These symptoms are important to know so that you can make a informed decision on whether to take your family member into the doctor this time of the year. I know that it isn't always easy getting a timely appointment. Some symptoms can be treated over the counter. 

Cold symptoms

  • Rare to have a fever or headache
  • Slight aches and pains
  • Sometimes feel weak and fatigued
  • Common to have a stuffy nose, sore throat and sneezing
  • Mild to moderate hacking cough
Flu symptoms
  • Usually a high fever that last 3-4 days
  • Common to have a headache
  • Often severe aches, pains, fatigue and weakness
  • Often extreme exhaustion and chest discomfort and cough
  • Sometimes a stuffy nose, sneezing or a sore throat
What do you do when a cold or the flu strikes your family during the holidays, on the weekend or past your primary care physician's office hours? If your family is anything like mine it has happened many times. It can often be very scary to have a sick child outside of these regular hours. If you are in need of care, check out your local MinuteClinic from CVS/pharmacy stores. Did you know that they have stores in 28 states and DC? They are also open 7 days a week with evening hours and no appointment is necessary.

I'm very impressed with the option of the MinuteClinic from CVS and wish that I would have known about this the last time my daughter got strep throat on the weekend. It was a very scary time and we ended up in the ER for an insane amount of time and spend an insane amount of money. After the visit we had to wait another hour plus at a local big box store just to get prescriptions filled. The MinuteClinics are affordable and offer convenient one stop shopping for cough and flu needs. You bet we will head there the next time someone gets sick after doctor hours. 

When was the last time your little ones got sick after hours? What did you do? Check out the location of the MinuteClinics to prepare yourself for the next round of sicknesses.

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