Easter Treats on a Stick and Easter Game for Kids

Easter is just around the corner! What fun family traditions do you have? We celebrate this day at Church with our Church family which is kicked off with a massive Easter breakfast. From there the kids hide Easter eggs and then hop on over to family and friends to eat a mouthwatering lunch or dinner. Prior to the actual Easter Sunday there are many Easter egg hunts and Easter parties. Here are a few ideas to kick off April to get you ready for Easter. This is a sponsored post by Global Influence and candy provided by Hershey's but my own ideas and opinions are expressed here. 

easter treats

Instead of giving the package of candy as always, open up the Easter Bunny foiled wrapped HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate and Egg shaped REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups and give them a new spin! 

Sweets on a Stick

We gently and carefully stuck skewers or straws (cut at an angle) into the candy, brushed with honey and added sprinkles and eyes. The thin brushing of the honey was just enough "edible glue" to get the candy eyes and sprinkles to stick. They were so fun to eat this way!

hershey recipes

The kids can actually do these at an Easter party or you can make them up ahead of time for their Easter Basket. It is super quick and easy. 

Another thing you can do is have a JOLLY RANCHER Hard Candy flavored Jelly Bean contest for your Easter celebrations. Have you tried these jelly beans? Oh my they taste just like JOLLY RANCHERS! To make the game, just fill any jar with Jelly Beans and have them all guess on a piece of paper. Make sure to have them add their names to the paper and drop it in an Easter Basket. Pull out the correct guess and reward that person with the jar of candy! 

easter games for kids

We decorated the lid of our jar with a cupcake liner and hot glued a ribbon around the ring to give it some festive color! 

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