Happy National Oreo Day! Sweet Treats for the Day #OreoDay #Oreo

Oreo cookies are a staple for my three teen girls. I buy a container 1-2 times a month. Everyone dunks them here. How about at your home? Do your kids like Oreos? Do you make recipes with them or do the kids just eat them out of the package? Here are a few of our favorite recipes to celebrate on this National Oreo day!

easy recipes for oreos
Oreo Day Recipes

Oreo Ice Cream Cake - Dairy Queen CopyCat Recipe

ice cream cake recipes

Oreo and Cream Muffins and Oreo Bread

amish friendship bread
Oreo Muffins

oreo sweet bread
Amish Friendship Bread Oreo Recipes

Oreo Cake Balls - No bake and you can't eat just one!

oreo cakeballs
No bake Oreo Cookie Cake Balls

Share your Oreo recipes below! I'd love to hear about them. If you have links, you can leave them, too!
recipes for oreos
Easy Oreo Recipes


  1. I have a moms group where we get together for dinner during the week once a month. Well, that's the idea but it's tough to get everyone together!

  2. I have always loved those no bake oreo cookie balls. But we're gluten free and dairy free so we can't have oreos. I think I'm going to have to find an acceptable replacement and make me some!

  3. Everything looks so good. I love oreos.

    Michelle F.

  4. oh my gosh, those pictures are just evil ;) My diet is completely doomed! I love oreos and baking, I'm definitely going to have to try a fun recipe now. Oh well, my daughter's birthday is coming up, it can be a special treat for her :)

  5. Oh my glob! There is an Oreo cookie day? As in for real?

    This will be the best day ever for Oreo lovers out there. I like to try that Oreo cake balls. It looks very delectable! I'm sure all of those Oreo recipes are. :)


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