Happy National Cake Pop Day Recipes {March 24}

A few years back everyone was making cake balls and cake pops. At first they were a pain to make but after a few tries, they got easier. I love them because they are small bite size treats. Have you ever made cake balls? Here are a few of our favorite family recipes. We hope you enjoy them!
national cake pop day
Cake Pops Cake Balls and other Sweet on a Stick

All the recipes are in the below linky! Click to go to them.

Need more sweet treat ideas? Check out my National FoodHolidays or Cupcakes & Push Pops Boards.

Sweets on a Stick Recipes
Recipes for Sweets on a Stick 

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  1. How fun! I have an entire cookbook (I won it!) on cake pops and STILL haven't made any. Not sure what my problem is. Yes, cake pops are yummy!

    Thanks for dropping by. How fun that you still check in. Of course, for as little as I've written in the past year, once was probably enough! Ha! Ha! I have a little list of ideas so I can get back in the groove. Thanks for giving me the updated name of your blog as well. Off to check out some more posts. :-)


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