Free Voice, Data, and Text Services for Your Teens with Wi-Fi Access and Scratch Wireless #mc

How many teens do you have? Do they all have cell phones? How are you controlling cost? We have three teens with three phones. We know how much it cost! Our family would love to decrease our phone service bill. How about you? I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Scratch Wireless. I received a product sample to facilitate my review.

I jumped at the opportunity to try out Scratch Wireless which is a new wireless company that offers free text, data, and voice serves when connected to Wi-Fi. Yes you heard that right....these services are always free with Wi-Fi access. If there isn't Wi-Fi access then Scratch still offers free texting and either calls or data for a monthly fee of $15 or pay-as-you-go access to calls or data for $1.99 per day.

How easy is it to use this service? The phone was sent to us and within a few minutes my teen had the phone activated on her own and began using it. She watched a quick video that walked her right through activation. As the parent, I could choose to add a credit card to give her call or data in case she found herself in a situation without Wi-Fi. This is totally optional. 

Does this sound too good to be true? I know that it sounds too good to be true but now that my teen has been using her new Motorola Photon Q Android phone through Scratch Wireless I believe it is free. We were totally amazed at all the free access available for Wi-Fi. Once Wi-Fi was enabled on her phone and available she had full use of her smartphone to use for whatever she needed and wanted.

If you are looking to buy a smartphone for your teen check out Scratch Wireless, too! My teen loves how easy it is to use the phone and to have free Wi-Fi access. The price is right and something we will consider keeping and even changing our services for the other teens. She was already an android phone users so it was easy for her to set up all her apps, including Facebook and Google Plus. 

So are you ready to try something that will reduce your phone service cost? 


  1. Yes, that is exactly what I need. I want my son to have a phone for emergencies, not to play Minecraft all day!

  2. Oh this is awesome. I am looking into this right now!.

  3. This sounds like an amazing option for kids first cell phone! This could even be the best option for us as we are looking for a home phone; one that stays in the home in case kids come home and mom and dad aren't there. But we don't want a regular landline. So this may just be the solution!

  4. Great idea for kids. They can use up data so quickly without WiFi.


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