KidQ App Connects Kids and Parents on the Smartphone #KidQapp

Smartphones are found in almost every family today. Parents have one or two and more and more kids are getting them daily! Even if the kids do not have one they are on their parent's phone. Everyone in our family has a smartphone. How about your family? 

Scholastic Parent & Child believes that one of the best ways to connect with your child is through conversation. Thanks to Scholastic Parent & Child for sponsoring this post. I've received compensation to honestly share my own opinion. Today I'm sharing with you about the KidQ app for your iPhone or Android phone. This app connections kids and parents together through curious conversations. 

Hop on over to Scholastic to download the KidQ app. It took us 1 minute to find the app, download and begin playing. Once the app is on your phone you can begin the fun. KidQ will ask a question. Then everyone gives what they think the answer is. If it seems like a question no one has a clue about you can click SKIP Q. Once everyone has an answer, click ANSWER. A full explanation will be given and read it out loud. This is the time where you can see if anyone was right. 

Depending on the age of the child, some of the questions might be a little difficult. Do not skip a question automatically just because you think that they won't know the answer. If them a chance to show what they know. They WILL surprise you over and over again with their answers. 

Once you've gone through the real answers and discuss or laugh at your answers click on the NEW Q to go for another question. Play the game as long as you like. It might be beneficial to set a timer or you might be playing it ALL.NIGHT.LONG. 

KidQ app really is a fun conversation starter and can be used in the car, at home, at parties, etc. It is amazing how much the kids know and how good everyone is at making up an answer that they think might be correct. What a great way to have fun, to laugh and to learn together. While you are at Scholastic, check out all their other apps, too! They provide so many ways for kids and parents to connect in our busy daily life. Have fun! 

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