Can you Limerick?

In Caught ya! #29 William Waggish whispered another one of his inimitable limericks. We learned that limericks were invented in 12-century China as a marching ditty for the army.

The form is 5 lines. The first 2 lines and the last line are to have 8 syllables & rhyme and the 3 & 4 lines are to rhyme with 5 syllables. (Information and instructions from Caught Ya!).

We also learned through Wikipedia that the limerick was made popular by:

The girls got a chance to write their own limerick!
My teacher said to write this trick,
But I never knew what to pick.
So I thought and thought,
Unsure what'd be taught
And now I have this limerick.
On this white canvas I shall paint,
With colors that will try to taint,
Colors I can say,
Will be used today,
While I use this canvas to paint.
Thanks girls you did great!

Now it is your turn! Can you do it? Post one for fun! Teach it to your kiddos and come back here and post!

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