Million Minute Family Challenge update

We are 6 weeks into the Million Minute Challenge! (Runs through Dec. 31st)
The goal is to get people playing non-electronic games for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time!

Did you know: (I got this information from the Million Minute Website)

When the tomb of the ancient Egyptian King Tut was discovered in the 1920s, among the artifacts found were a game board, dice and playing pieces. That means board games have been around for over 3000 years! Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have enjoyed playing games such as backgammon, checkers, dominoes, and chess for thousands of years. Even before Columbus crossed the Atlantic, board games were being enjoyed all over the globe, by every culture except the Eskimos and the first Australian settlers.

Many of the early settlers to come to North America brought board games with them to trade or to keep their children entertained, but it wasn't until after the Revolutionary War that the first toy companies appeared. Most of the first games were made of paper and cardboard. Since printing companies were familiar with paper and cardboard, most toy companies began as printers.

The Challengers have currently logged in 163,880 minutes!!! It is never to late to join in the fun! Our small group, CrazyGamers, has 4,337 and is ranked in 8th place! This involves a group of 15 so far. We are planning a few large game nights to get more people playing!

If you are in one of the below states please consider joining! They really want to see every state participating!

Washington DC
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Here is one of the games we've played recently.
It is called BEFOUR YOU KNOW: The Color will Show by PATCH games!
Here is what my husband had to say about the game on his review on Boardgamegeek.com:

The game is played on a board full of squares in which you place colored pieces. The first one to get four in a row of their color wins.
But there are some twists: Only you know what color you are. (You draw a color randomly, face down at the beginning of the game). Pieces are drawn from a bag and have to be played, no matter what color they are. "Wild" pieces assist any player, counting as whatever color is necessary. There is a hidden element and a random element to the otherwise traditional "four-in-a-row" game.
Time to dust off your games a play a few with your kids! Give your family a game name, register at Million Minute Challenge, and log your minutes!!!

Click here to check out another game we like to play!

How can you get to 1 Million minutes?
With groups working in all 50 states we can reach 1 million minutes in 2009. If 1,000 families, groups or organizations X 50 states X 20 minutes of game play = 1 million minutes!

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