Buffalo Chicken Dip

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This is a yummy, spicy dip thanks to Frank's Red Hot Sauce. This is a great dip to serve during the Holidays! 
* 1 pkg cream cheese (leave sit out to get soft) spread in baking dish
*2 chicken breast cook and shredded (canned chicken or tofu chicken can be used same way)
*1 med white onion chopped and cooked with the chicken breast
*3 stalks of celery chopped and cooked with chicken and onions
*1 Small bottle of FRANKS Red Hot Original
*1 Small bottle of Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing-I use blue cheese or put on both dressings
*8 oz of Cojack cheese, shredded(or any type of cheese you want.. I only use cojack)
*Scoops or Taco Chips
8 X 8 baking dish

Layer all the ingredients in dish in the order listed above. Bake @ 350 for 10-15 min until warm and slightly bubbly. If you have leftovers just rewarm individual serving sizes.


Dip on left had a tiny bit of FRANKS sprinkled on top. This is in honor Emily who can't handle hot food. The one on the right is for everyone else! So when you are pouring on the Franks this is what it should look like. You can add more or less. After you make it the first time you will know how much you need!

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  1. Yummy... spicy, just the way we like it at my house :)

  2. What a YUMMY!!! SPICY!!! dip for the holidays. My family loves HOT ans SPICY!!! foods.


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