Million Minute Family Challenge update

Are you in the Million Minute Family Challenge?
120,211 total minutes for the challenge! Our CrAzY gAmErS group has logged 3,025 minutes and in 10th place so far!

Million Minute Family Challenge is to provide a simple but fun way for family and friends to enjoy the benefits of board games. The challenge runs from Sept. 1st- December 31st. This is their 9th year! It isn't too late to join in the fun! Just go get your family/group registered! Every minute counts!

What do you need to do? Minimum they are wanting every team to commit to playing a game for at least 20 minutes between September and December and record their time on the website. How can we reach 1 million minutes? They figure if 1,000 families, groups or organizations X 50 states X 20 minutes of game play = 1 million minutes!

Formula Motor Racing Card GameWe play a lot of games! My husband is a huge player and keeps records and does reviews on Board Game Geek under the name Malacandra!

One of our favorite family games in September was FORMULA MOTOR RACING.  This game is known as one of the quickest-playing auto racing games.  I guess that is why I like this game. Within 15-20 minutes you can play one game.  As a family we usually play 3 in a row.  We love the bright multi-colored cars, awesome game board, 12-sided die and quick and easy rules.  The playing cards that you draw tell your move.  Each player gets two cars of the same color and control them for the game.  On your turn you play one card, draw one card.  This card can be used directly for your car to move up or use it to move, shift other cards forward and backward.  The really cool thing to do is move up another car with your car moving up with it.  

We've played this game with ages 8 and up. Fun and fast!

Here are some pictures of our games!

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