Peppermint Chocolate Patty Bark Christmas Recipe

YUM! We love making bark at Christmas and this is the 3rd one I made this year. Every year we make White Christmas Bark.  Click to get the recipe.  This year I had 1 extra chocolate bark that needed to be melted so I created two new creations for my Christmas Open House.   Click here for Hot Chocolate Bark.
Peppermint Chocolate Patty Bark

1 pkg chocolate almond bark
1/4 cup crushed up candy canes
1/2 c. white chocolate chips
2 Tbsp crushed up candy canes for the topping
sprinkles, optional

Melt bark in microwave according to package instructions.  Then add in candy canes and stir until all covered in chocolate.  Then quickly stir in white chocolate and pour out onto a 11 X 17 baking sheet. Top with crushed candy canes any if wanted, sprinkles of your choice.  Once hard, break and eat!
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