10 tips to help you Glide through the Holidays

 Tis the season to be rushed and stressed.  I do not like feeling rushed or stressed so I work every year to make sure that I am not put into situations to make me feel this way.  This isn't something that happens overnight but developes over time.  You have to think long term for any up and coming season or project.  The old quote "if you fail to plan then you plan to fail" is so true when it comes with this time of the year.  Here are some of my tips I've learned over the years that make my life easier and I hope you can use some of them!  Feel free to share yours, too!

1) Fail to plan, plan to fail- Don't make your up and coming activities fail!  Sit down with a calendar and all your zillion pieces of paper and write down everything you have coming up from now until January 15th.

2) Are you the hostess for an up and coming party or event?  Sit down and over a few hours plan the entire thing out.  Plan out menu, activities, who is in charge of what, etc.  You have to have it written down then you will keep focused on what is going on and when to do what.

3) Host or participate in a cookie exchange with 6-12 friends.  This will involved you in baking 6-12 dozen of one particular item but then you exchange it with your friends and then you will have a variety of goodies to serve your holiday guest. 

4) Christmas gifts? To exchange or not to exchange is always the question!  Make it clear and get the details of any exchanges and start purchasing online.   Make a list of who  you are buying for and jot down several items  you would consider getting them.  This way you are focused on what you need to buy. I also keep a list handy to pick up things all year long!

5) Christmas cards? The age of the internet upon us we struggle with knowing what is proper and acceptable in the form of Christmas cards.  Are emailed cards acceptable? How about Facebook or Myspace cards?  I say if you know them online and only communicate with them online then by all means send out some sort of Christmas card electronically.  Paper cards? Photo cards? Send them! Everyone loves getting a personal card in the mail this time of the year.  Let cards outnumber bills this year! Spread some cheer.  

6) Make your Christmas card mailing list now! Take 1 hour and make a list of who  you need to mail cards out to.  This way you can make sure you are spending within your budget.  Use online sites like Tiny Prints  or to help you out! Don't forget about Shutterfly and Walgreens, too! 

7) Short on cash for presents? Get online! Enter giveaways galore and find gifts for those on your, already written out wish list!  While you are here, read my right side bar for many low entry giveaways! 

8) Get creative and make gifts for people on  your wish list.  Take a talent you have and share it with others.  Artist? Paint personalized pictures for your friends! My 16 year old does this every year.  Not sure what people want painted? Give them a "gift card" and let them tell you want to make for this.  This same thing goes with making scarves, jewelry, recycable kook-aid purses, baked goods, etc.

9) Stressed on what to cook for your Holiday Open House or Christmas Dinner?  Take an hour and search blogs and twitter for ideas!  While you are here at my blog, click on my 8 Weeks of Christmas Goodies! You'll surely find a treat there to share! 

10) Avoid the Post Office Stress!  Do you have things already purchased or made for Christmas gifts for family and friends who live far away? Wrap them and mail them NOW! Put a DO NOT OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS tag on them and tell them that a package is on its way.  Tell them to keep it aside and open it on Christmas.  Don't wait until the week before Christmas to mail them. 

Now that you have some idea on how I keep my stress down and keep my holidays easy, I'm dying to know what you do!  I can always use more ideas!  Please share some of  your ideas here with me! Another option is to go to Twitter and search #Switch2Glid to see what other mom bloggers are listing as their top 10! 

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