Get Crafty with Vinyl Wall Designs

I'm so addicted to vinyl wall designs. Every where you turn companies are popping up with very cool designs. You can even purchase them at stores like Walmart!  Walmart carries Better Homes and Garden designs.  

There are different types of these vinyl wall designs. Some of the products you have to rub in each letter or design onto your wall while others are super stickers which allow you to just stick on and removed easily.  I have both in my home but I'm thinking that the removable ones are more practical.  I like the flexibility of removing them when I want!  

My "Can You Top This" project came about last week because I purchased some really cool wall designs for my kitchen.  My kitchen theme is Cafe and I found a large coffee cup that is also a chalkboard.  This set is the sticker/removable type.  When I went to adhere it to my wall it stayed fine but the texture of the wall interfered with the smooth chalk board surface.  So I pulled it down and created a even more removable and adjustable chalk board.  I used a Tri-Fold Display Board and stuck the design to it, cut it out and then put it on my wall!  I like it even better than before!

I think this is a great way to use the removable wall designs.

1) Get a board that fits your project.  
2) Apply wall sticker to board. 
3) Use X-Acto knife to carefully cut around design.
4) Once cut out take the black paint marker and go around the edges of the board.
5) Depending on size you should be able to use something simple like the removable tack tabs to put your project on the wall.  You can also use a small nail to give it more stability if needed. 

Tips & Ideas
1) Match up your board with your wall design.  I purchased a white board but then had to go back over the edges with the black paint marker.  I could have saved time using the black board. If you use a white board and then go over the edges with a paint marker. 

2) This is such an easy project, I wish I would have done it with some of my other wall decals! You can do this same project without buying the vinyl wall art. Just use chalk spray directly on a foam board and then cut it out in the shape you want! Too bad that I didn't think of this sooner! It would have saved me $$$.

3) My particular coffee cup and saucer was one piece.  I made it into two pieces when I cut it out.  This way I was able to create a little ledge to put my chalk! I didn't have this option when it was just stuck to the wall! Very clever if I say so myself!  

4) This project was so easy and only took me a few minutes to complete!

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  1. I love this! Such a great idea, and so simple. Great job!

  2. Very nice, creative use for the board! I like it a lot!

  3. This is so cute; I love all the creative ideas you all are coming up with to use these boards; things I never would have thought of!:)

  4. FANTASTIC! I absolutely love this idea. Well done.

  5. Congratulations. You are one of the 5 winners on my blog. I will email you shortly.


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