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I'm late getting my U Follow Me I Follow U Friday link up today!  I've had an emotional morning.  My 16 twin teens are headed out to get their official Drivers License.  They are good drivers but I think 16 is way to young to be driving out alone.  That is the opinion I share alone in my household and probably the majority of our State. Oh well. I can have my own pity party.  Here is a picture of how I wish they still looked:

Help my sadness and join in my Blog Hop! Link up & Follow me GFC, Networked Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed and leave a comment on how you are following me and I will follow you back the same way! I love finding new bloggers, sharing ideas, checking up on one another,etc.  You can leave a link to a giveaway but play along in the spirit of I Follow U Follow!

I will pick one person from my  link up to feature next week! Hope it is YOU!

One of my newest blogger friends and the one I'm featuring today is....... Lina over at Langes Fädchen, Faules Mädchen.  
She always post really great ideas and CUPCAKES! Oh yah!  She is #2 on my link up today! Stop over and say HI to her!  Give her a follow, too!

Join in my Weekly Christmas Goodie Link up! 

My Recipe of the week: Holidaze Fudge

Here are my giveaways & freebie post and know it takes ONE entry to win!!
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