Ovaltine vs other drinks and a HOT recipe!

What do your kids drink the most of at home, school and when you eat out? When we are home my girls drink milk. They have soft drinks when we have pizza or a special event at home.  I do buy juice when they request it but it is either milk or water around here.

The majority likes to drink Ovaltine at least once a day.  When we go out to eat my girls almost always order milk or water. It is just like at home.  It depends on the restaurant and what they are eating so sometime they do order ice tea or soda.

Sometimes I will buy juice and soda when I do my weekly shopping but most of the time I always add a container of Ovaltine to my shopping cart. I bet you are asking yourself, "Isn't Ovaltine just sugary chocolate milk??" No, Ovaltine isn't just another sugary drink!  Ovaltine gives my kids chocolatey milk and adds in 12 fortified vitamins and minerals every time they drink a serving.   It is an excellent source of Vitamin E & Iron and a good source of Vitamins A & C.   

This is the drink of choice because of all the added benefits.  For me, compared to soda and juice, I feel that the milk is the best choice and the once a day Ovaltine is an even better choice.  It is good to drink something that has a nutritional value and not just flavored sugar water.  No matter what they drink moderation is key to balanced nutrition.

Here is a really cool chart from the Ovaltine website on what your kids should be eating for their growing bodies.  Click the link above and go check out the page on Nutrition.  I love that you can compare different foods with Ovaltine.  It helps put the drink into perspective with what foods your kids are eating.

What is your kid's drink of choice?

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 Hot Cocoa Recipe!

1 lg. plain powder creamer
1 lb. powder sugar
1 sm. box powder milk
1 container of Ovaltine

Mix all the above dry ingredients in a large bowl or large Ziploc bags. Store in a container or these bags.  Use 1/2 cup per 8 oz of hot water.  (Use more or less depending on taste)   Top with whipped cream, sprinkle of cocoa powder, nutmeg or cinnamon.  Stir with a candy cane! If you love marshmallows then bring them on!  I just purchased snowmen and gingerbread men marshmallows for my Christmas Open House.  Enjoy

This mix makes a tasty gift. 

I am involved in a Nestle Ovaltine  blogging program. I have been given compensation to work with them.  My opinions are my own tasty words and thoughts! Buy the product and form your own opinions! Share them with me, too!

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