Crayola Cranks out Summer Tunes Giveaway

Crayola 2GB MP3 Player Silver
If you’re taking a plane or car ride ANYWHERE this summer, kids should have their own set of tunes to enjoy. This mp3 player uses Crayola to make it fun for them and also creates a sense of ownership for kids so they learn to take care of electronic gadgets.

Product Specs: It can store up to 96 hours of music (approximately 1,800 songs) and features USB mass storage to copy and store data files from a computer. The LCD screen lets you scroll between songs, read lyrics, or set up the menu. This MP3 player even lets you record your voice. It supports MP3, WMA, and WAV formats. Includes earphones, necklace loop, USB cable, instruction manual, and Music Express software. Music Express converts your CDs to mp3 format and lets you find and organize your music, burn CDs, and more. Dimensions: 3"L x 2.25"W x 0.75"D.

Scraps of Life product review:  Can you say ADORABLE? This mp3 player is just the right size for your little ones. The age recommendation on the package is 5 year and up. I would even say a 4 year old could use this once the parent loaded the music. The Music Express software is very easy to use and helpful for young kids.  

The earphones are the type that just hook over the ear. This is a great feature for little ones and much better than the ear buds.  The volume is just loud enough but not too loud to hurt the little ones ear drums if the volume button gets turned up too high. 

This thing records voices, too, so BE CAREFUL what you say because your little one can record you! Can you say blackmail? haha 
The product is for ages 5 and up and so cool that my almost 17 year old daughter wants one! I guess I know what she is getting for Christmas! 

Giveaway...did you say that you want one of these? Thanks to my sponsor with Crayola I have one to giveaway. 

To enter you have to visit the Blog Bash Hop Here! This product is in Package #3 Summer FUN which has a value of $159! Hurry and enter the Giveaway. It runs June 22nd-26th.

If you don't win you can order and read more about it via

Thanks to my sponsor I was sent one of these to review. My own tasty, honest opinions are stated here.


  1. The lionk for the Blog Bash Hop comes up to a search & doesn't go anywhere?!? Would love to enter.

  2. So sorry~! I fixed the link! Not sure what happened. xoxox Susie and thanks for letting me know.


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