101 Offline Activities you can do with your child

101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child
 Steve and Ruth Bennett (authors of bestselling kids’ activity book, “365 TV-Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child”) have just released a new activities book, “101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child” (BPT Press).

At that time when their first book was published, television was the primary competitor for human interaction in a household. Computers were a luxury and the only electronic gadgets you could carry in your pocket were the TV remote or garage door opener. Today, of course, television is but one of many electronic devices that vie for our attention from the moment we wake up to the moment we sink into sleep. Smart phones. Game consoles. eBook Readers. Laptops. Netbooks. Internet tablets. In-car video systems. In-pocket audio systems. If you’re awake, you’re plugged in, literally or via wireless waves.

Steve and Ruth aren’t Luddites. In fact, they love digital gadgets. But, they say, there’s still something fundamentally satisfying about relying solely on the electronic activity in our brains and muscles to entertain ourselves and connect with family members and friends. Whether it’s a simple guessing game or a more elaborate round of toilet-paper tube bowling, low-tech/notech games and activities are remarkably satisfying, rejuvenating and, most importantly, a great way to engage your children.

SusieQTpies Scraps of Life Book Review:  I am a HUGE fan of Steve and Ruth Bennett. I use to own a copy of the first book, "365 TV-Free activities you can do with your child" back in the early 2000's. I loved this book and would use it ALL THE TIME on my little twins and their baby sister. I would still have this book if it wasn't for Hurricane Katrina which destroyed some of my old time favorite books. My girls are now 12-16 so I don't need the book anymore but I will get it someday when I have grandchildren. I keep my eye out for this book when I am at garage sales, book sales, etc.

As for this new book 101 Offline Activities, it is another keeper. It is labeled as fun for all ages and I totally agree! We do live in a time where everything is electronic. This book is perfect for summer. Just pull it out and do a twenty minute activity to bring you to the kids and get them away from the TV set, text messaging, XBox, etc.

This book is also perfect for teachers and homeschool families, like us! Not only are some of the activities physical, they are also mental.  We loved the "Modern Conveniences" activity which takes a bored kids and instructs them to look around and find something that has a "interesting imaginary history". Perfect item to start with is a door handle. Ask questions like "why are they necessary", "what did people do without them", "what was the person name who invited it", and so on. Once this activity is finished, most inquisitive kids will actually do some research and find out the real answers.

Two things that I LOVE about these books are the little graphics they use for each activity in the Table of Contents and the easy to find activities in the Index. They have them listed under such categories as Arts & Crafts, Fantasy Play, Games, Get 'em Moving, In the Kitchen, Math and Numbers, Older Kids Play, On the Road, Toymaking, Younger Kids Play and Your Time Only.

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You can find out more about Steve and Ruth, and “101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child,” at their web site:

Thanks to the sponsor for providing a copy for me to review and one for a giveaway. My own tasty words and opinions are expressed here!

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