False Witness Book Review

False Witness
The Government Can Change an Identity,
but It Cannot Change a Life
Suspense author Randy Singer brings awareness
to the plight of Dalits in India

What is our responsibility for obtaining justice for those in need? Does the end always justify the means? Randy Singer examines these questions while taking his readers through twists and turns on a powerful journey in his novel False Witness. This engrossing legal thriller is a re-telling of Singer’s original novel by the same name. The new version has many substantial changes—some designed to bring about Singer’s original vision for the book inspired by his friend’s funeral.

The deceased was David O’Malley, Singer’s good friend and former client. O’Malley’s wife had asked Singer to give her husband’s eulogy. So, at the funeral, Singer talked about his friend’s generosity and big heart. Everyone there had a David O’Malley story, so heads nodded as he shared his. David’s pastor followed Singer in the pulpit. He spoke about a man named Thomas Kelly. The man was a scoundrel involved in organized crime. He turned on everyone he knew. “You don’t think you know Thomas Kelly, but you do,” the pastor explained. “David O’Malley was Thomas Kelly before he went into the witness protection program—before he came to the Lord.”

Prior to that moment, the only people that knew about David’s past were the government, his family, Singer, and his pastor. There was utter silence as the pastor concluded with a line Singer said he will never forget. “The government can give you a new identity,” he said, “but only Christ can change your life.” It was then that he decided to write this book.

But Singer also wanted to draw attention to one of his passions. He wanted to highlight the challenges of today’s church in India. He believes that most Western Christians are unaware of the persecution of the church and the miraculous things happening there. 
Scraps of Life Book Club Review: I have just recently delved into the world of Christian Fiction thrillers, and I am still a bit confused at times by the genre.  I expect it to be a bit awkward and off-center, but Randy Singer surprised me with his book False Witness. In False Witness, the author wraps his story around computer science and life in our modern age, while concisely and clearly showing the relevance of belief and faith in our modern world.

False Witness is the story of a man who discovers a mathematical algorithm that could literally shut down the world wide web, and quite possibly change the course of history. Imagine the power of one man having complete control over all internet interactions and knowledge.

By pulling in characters with fascinating backgrounds, and introducing us to the Indian culture and some of its idiosyncrasies, Randy Singer is able to take this story beyond the "typical" computers ruling the world thriller, and allow us to see a society and a world very different from our own.

I  enjoyed this book a great deal.  I really enjoy being able to read a thriller and have titillating drama and risk in a story without having to deal with foul language or a world view I find completely offensive.


  1. Does your bookclub involve truck loads of wine or are you "the real deal"?

  2. Thanks for stopping in you daft lass! This particular book club is individuals writing book reviews for me as well as my book reviews! I do have a book club called "Food for Thought" and we meet in real life. lol
    Thanks for stopping in and I'm on my way to visit you.

  3. Hello Susie, this book looks like it should be on my summer reading list.

    Lisa @ Lesapea xx


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