No plumber needed here... the Delta In2ition Showerhead Is Easy To Install #WomansIn2ition #sponsor

I told my husband that I wanted a new showerhead. Our current one was working fine but I have always wanted a showerhead like I get to use in nice hotels.  I was excited for this chance to review a Delta In2ition Showerhead. I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating. 

Today I'm sharing with you how easy it was to install my showerhead!
Sometimes we do not do a project around our house because we think it will require outside help. So to not get a new showerhead for this reason is silly! Within a 10 minutes of taking the showerhead out of the box, reading the directions and checking out the Changing a Shower Head and Adding a Hand Shower video, our brand spakin' new Delta In2ition was installed and ready to be used! 

Guess what? No plumber was needed for this install! If you are nervous about taking apart your showerhead, I reassure you it is easy to do. If you really want to call the above plumber, you can, but it isn't necessary. Delta takes the guess work out of the process with their online video tutorials. The install only required plumbers tape and a wrench. For me, the less supplies needed the better off the process. I'm not mechanically inclined and cower away from projects like this. The video gave clear instructions and we followed them. 

Honestly I am inspired to take on more projects like this one. The one thing that I do not like is that the pipe from the wall is silver and my new showerhead is Venetian Bronze. I'm not sure how to go about changing that pipe but I am going to look into it. For some reason that bothers me to have the wall pipe silver and the fancy shower head a different type of finish. Anyone know how to change this out? I'm going to search the Delta website for answers. To keep with the Venetian Bronze hardware I would love to try and install new sink and tub faucets. These concern me because the drain will also need to be removed! Can we do it? 

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