{Kid Crafts} Monthly Kiwi Crate Themed Craft Projects

About twenty bucks a month for a couple crafts? I was skeptical if it was worth the cost. This is a sponsored review of Kiwi Crate and we were provided product for a review and our own crafty, creative opinions are expressed here. Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service of craft projects and other learning activities for kids ages 3-7; each themed monthly crate contains at least two projects. You can also get single crates, mini crates, and party favor crates. Do I have your attention? 

The theme of May's crate was “Feathered Friends.” My boys were excited to start doing “bird stuff!” The instruction booklet has helpful little graphics that tell the “messiness” and “grownup involvement” of each project, and  I found them to be accurate. The illustrations were colorful and cute, and everything, including the supplies, was high quality. The illustrated instructions were easy to follow, and each booklet was peppered with fun facts relating to that specific project. For example, the “my bird costume” instruction booklet explained the purpose of each bird beak shape, like ducks having wide, flat beaks to help them scoop up water plants. 

AJ, my 5-year-old, says the Kiwi Crate was “way too fun” for him. (That's a high compliment!) My 3 year-old son, Ezra, decided that “all of it was awesome.” They enjoyed the process of making the projects and were delighted to play with the finished products. My boys both said that it'd be fun to get a different crate every month. A fold-out preview of the upcoming crates was in the box, and they look super fun. 

So, is Kiwi Crate really worth the subscription cost? It won't fit into every budget, but YES! (I was pleased to see that you can “pause” monthly subscriptions, which would be helpful if you realized that it just wasn't going to fit into your budget next month! Also, you get a break on the price for a monthly subscription if you commit a longer subscription period.) Could I buy a bunch of craft supplies for the same price? Definitely. However, the imaginative presentation, convenience, high quality, and thrill of getting a package in the mail with surprise projects inside definitely has appeal. If it can be worked into our budget, I'll be subscribing to Kiwi Crate or at least getting single crates or mini crates as an occasional special treat!

Thanks, Donna & Co for the fun review of Kiwi Crate. Thanks to Kiwi Crate, you can get your first Crate at 25% off now through 7/7/13 when you use the code QTPIES25. 

Check out Kiwi Crate's Summer Discovery Series for fun outdoor and indoor play all summer long! Watch the fun YouTube Video below for more fun! If you have older kids, check out these summer activities, too.

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