Top 10 Exercise Funnies & Don't Take Life So Serious #MakeTime

When we begin to take life too serious we get bored and become boring. So take and make time to find something you enjoy doing and just do it! When you begin making time to take care of your body by eating healthier, exercising and getting enough sleep you will feel better about life around you. Don't take it too serious and have some fun! Join our September Challenge and our healthier lifestyle journey.

Today on Day 8 of the September Challenge I want you to just take in a deep breath and relax. Make Time to do that daily! Here are some exercise funnies that have been shared with me over the past few years. Laugh at them and yourself. It will do you and those around you a world of good. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit where credit is due!

So are you in? Are you joining in the September Challenge? By the way since I'm not big on rules, you can JOIN IN at anytime this month. So don't be discouraged if you are just finding out about this after the first. Just start where you are and move move move! Share this post and invite others to join in.

I'll be sharing this on all my social media sites so follow me --on FacebookPinterest,InstagramTwitterGoogle Plus and LifeKraze with the hashtag. I will try and always use the hashtag #MakeTime when referring to this challenge so we can track our progress. The LifeKraze link will take you to my page and let me know that you have joined and I will add you to the MakeTime Team!

Here are the post so far


  1. Really enjoyed these "funnies"! A couple I've seen before, but some were new to me! Thanks for the laugh this evening!


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