Do You Struggle With Menu Planning? Here Is An Easy Family Menu Plan

Time for a menu plan! Last week I didn't make a menu plan at home and it was NUTSO around here. Seriously, nutso! We had a crazy scheduled week but it is nice to have the supplies on hand with some sort of meal ideas. To keep it real, I don't always make the menu of the week here at home because some recipes that I make during the week are new and need photos. I like to try out recipes on my family before sharing here unless they are a guest chef recipe. 

what to feed the family
Family Meal Ideas

For my blog's Menu Plan Monday I'm usually sharing a previous week menus. IF I do not post a menu for the week here then chances are I didn't even plan one at home which led to my crazy week last week. How about you? Do you struggle with menu planning?

We are back at Menu Planning Monday! Thanks to all for stopping in, check out the recipes and other menu plans to give you some new ideas! 

vietnamese recipes
Vietnamese Recipe 
MondayVietnamese Pho - chicken or seafood - Honestly people this is a super easy recipe! Have you ever had pho or heard of it? If not, try this recipe and then you'll know what I'm talking about. We love Pho and it cost around $10 a bowl at restaurants. I didn't do the math but I'm sure it cost $10 to make a huge crock pot at home. My family would eat this once a week if I made it for them. I'm not sure why I don't because it is so healthy! 

Thai recipes
Thai Recipe

TuesdayThai Basil Fried Rice and will toss in the leftover chicken and use any leftover rice or noodles from yesterday

summer salad recipe
Easy Salad Recipe

Wednesday-Pork Roast with Cranberry Dressing and Aunt Salad (Freeze leftover pork for Pork Nachos)

turkey burgers
Easy Burger Recipe

salad recipes
Fruit Salad Recipe

Thursday-Honolulu Burgers and Skinny Spinach Strawberry Salad

asian recipes
Easy Asian Recipe

FridayAsian Chicken Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing (teen requested this!)

Six Sisters Stuff recipes
Easy Cupcakes

Weekend- Crazy weekend planned! Check out my Recipe Box for Dessert RecipesEaster Recipes and an easy Skinny Cupcakes recipe. Oh and I just updated the Dessert Recipe tab on top of my blog! I now have pictures of my recipes instead of just links!!! Lookin' tasty! Take a peek!

cookbook sister sister stuff
Six Sisters Stuff Cookbook

Featured Cookbook of the Week- Check out the Six Sister's STUFF cookbook. This one is no longer a giveaway but I do have their newest cookbook and it will be shared soon on my blog. I'll have some new recipes and another giveaway! Stay tuned!

monday menu planning
Easy Family Menu Plan
I've linked up at OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday


  1. I know I should menu plan and I try, but ultimately end up not sticking to it :( Maybe this time will be different lol!

  2. delicious sounding meals! what time should I arrive for dinner tonight? :)

  3. I absolutely struggle with meal planning. I've made meal plans, bought the stuff for them, but when the time comes around to cook them, I'm just done for the day. :-(

  4. I love to cook but cooking for a large family can be interesting. We are a family of 11 right now and 9 of those are growing kids who seem to have bottomless stomachs!

  5. i greatly struggle with meals for my family. All of these sound delicious to me but my older daughter and husband will not touch most of them. I wish they weren't so picky!

  6. I personally love to cook when I have the energy but many times my kids don't give me the time. What was your favorite out of them all to make>?

  7. It all looks so yummy! I really need to get better at meal planning.

  8. Look will be delicious recipe I am a lover of different type of cuisine and searching from internet and other sources. Thanks for share and keep it up.


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