Aunt Salad isn't just for Ants!

Here is an easy, summer meal to make for your family. We love summer salad recipes. If you have one, share below.
What a corny name for a Salad! When I was a new bride (almost 19 years ago) I made this salad for my hubby! It was a salad my Aunt Shirley would make and one of the many recipes she gave me for our wedding. When my hubby saw the salad he said something like "oh wow! This is the salad my Aunt Candy makes!" Hence the name-AUNT SALAD- my merger of two Aunt's recipe and my twist of Seven Layer Salad.


1 head of iceberg lettuce, torn
5-6 green onions, chopped including tops (1/2 c red onion works great too and I love the color)
1/2-3/4 bag frozen peas (thawed and uncooked)
1 lb fresh bacon bits (this was my twist ... yummy fresh bacon)
1/4 c. Bac~Os
6 hard boiled eggs, sliced
2 cups mayonnaise
1-2 cups shredded cheddar cheese.
Layer in bowl and let sit over night.

First thing is to fry the bacon. I like to make it into bits before cooking. I use to cut the bacon using my trusty Wusthof serrated bread knife. These German knives are wonderful and I own many of them. Over the past few years I have found a quicker way to cut my bacon bits. I now use CUTCO Cutlery Super Shears. They cut the bacon quickly!!

*On to the fun part of the salad! Start layering!!! Layer chopped lettuce, onions, peas, fresh bacon bits, Bac~Os (or I use fresh cooked bacon) and boiled eggs!
*Finally spread on the mayonnaise and shredded cheddar cheese. For best taste make the night before serving. I typically will make it in the morning and serve that night for dinner. If you have leftovers they are great for the next day! This is one salad that you do not toss! Just serve it like you would lasagna!!!

I'm sure you know this tip but if not here you go! When I'm using a head of iceberg lettuce I wack the brown core on the counter top. By doing this you then pull out the core! Quick and easy!


  1. @bugn n twitter just told me this-- Yes! 7 layer is one of my favs! I do not add cheddar cheese. I substitute peas for chopped cauliflower for less carbs.

  2. FORGOT to note that I use only about 1 cup of may...not the 2 c. in the recipe....over the years of making I have cut it down. It is up to you on how much u want to use!

  3. Heather Eaton at 1:31pm May 19
    my grandma makes it...amazing!!! she calls it 24 hour salad

  4. Alyce Branch Bass at 1:17pm May 19
    I don't make this salad..I don't eat this salad! My mom makes it..anytime she made it when I was at home, I just couldn't eat it. Never liked it..too much mayonaise..But so glad you love it!

  5. Michelle Lumpkin at 1:19pm May 19
    I get a strong impression that Alyce doesnt even like to walk by this salad. :)

  6. Alyce Branch Bass at 1:31pm May 19
    well..that sounds a little (on the less mayo!)

  7. I love this salad, but I like it with half mayo and half sour cream!

  8. THANKS Pam! I wondered about doing that...just never did! I'll give it a try next time!!! Thanks

  9. Stacia Bluhm at 2:30pm May 19
    We used to call this seven layer salad. I haven't had this since I was a kid in Illinois. Mmmmm....looks tasty!

  10. Yummy! It has all my favourite ingredients in it!!

  11. yum! I learned to core the lettuce like that when I was a teenager and worked at a salad bar.

  12. Always a favorite in our house. My mom would often take it to share with the ladies at work. If I boil eggs I think I have everything needed to make this tonight..thanks for the inspiration.

  13. We love this salad, brings back memories. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  14. I saw this once at a 4th of July picnic and I've totally forgotten to find a recipe for it. Thanks for the reminder, I'm pinning!

  15. This is fun, thank you for posting.

  16. I always made this with Miracle Whip but when I found out about corn syrup had to change my ways. I make mayonnaise in 2 seconds with a stick blender and use it adding a tiny bit of honey and splash of salad vinegar now days. Liking the idea of half mayo and half sour cream and will adopt that too. Anyway lots of variations possible, the one posted here is the same as mine and we have enjoyed it for over 40 years now. Thanks for posting, always something to learn.

  17. My husband's family introduced me to this in western Ohio. They add a little sugar to the mayo and usually skip the eggs. I like to add some shredded carrot for color. I love this for carry-ins since I can make it ahead.


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