The Green Teen- Top 5 Ways to Save the World!

NO trees were harmed while I wrote this post.

I just finished reading, The Green Teen by Jenn Savedge. You can find her hiding out at Her site states that she "is a full-time mom, environmentalist, and author who researches and writes about the two topics that are closest to her heart: children and the environment. As a former park ranger for the National Park Service, Jenn traveled the U.S., learning about the environment in some this country’s most breath-taking wild places. She currently resides with her husband and daughters in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia."

Her two passions filled the entire book! The Green Teen was totally focused on educating the teens on all the environmental buzz words. Her fun writing style will grab the attention of any teen ( I know because I have three) and explain to them how they can take on such issues such as "What can I do about Global Warming, Air Pollution, Deforestation, Sweatshops and Saving the Planet".

She breaks it down in her Top 5 Ways! Each section followed the same format-How to Green something, Top 5 Ways to start, Why Bother doing it, G2G Green Tips, Planning stage with ideas and tips on how to go about it and my last two favorite steps were How to Get your Parents Involved and Surfing Sites! She also included teens who have made an impact with their projects. She clearly pointed out that if you want to Save Your World then start with yourself, your home and your school. Once you've done that then "take it to the streets" and get your idea moving through your community!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you are doing that is "Green"! Thanks!

This is over----To celebrate the book's release, Jenn is going on a blog tour and she'd like to invite fellow Twittermoms to join in the fun! Email EJ Hurst at New Society Publishers,, with your name, URL, and twitter ID to receive a free electronic copy of The Green Teenfor review. Just for fun, Jenn and New Society Publishers will give a $100 gift card to the Twittermom whose review receives the most comments. The winner will be announced at The Green Teen Twitter Party on May 29th at 9pm EST (#TheGreenTeen) See you there!!
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