Back to School Tips to Make the School Year Less Stressful

All 3 of my girls are away from home full time for school this year. We've homeschooled the past 6 years so this year we had to do different things to get them ready to go. One is a freshman in high school and the other two are classified as homeschool high school seniors as well as 2nd year college students. So everyone had different back to school needs. Here are tips on making the school year less stressful no matter what grade they are in this year! 

Out of all three, the freshman needed the most little things for back to school. Year after year she would reuse folders, never needed a lunch box or backpack or even brand new supplies and clothes. With homeschooling, you reuse it until it can't be used anymore and buy all year instead the week before school starts! To go along with her new school, she got all new supplies, shoes and clothes. We are fortunate enough to be able to provide the tools needed for back to school. That isn't the case for every student in America.
Did you know that the Boys and Girls Club of America wants to help you, too? No, maybe you don't need help getting clothes and supplies for your kids but you might need easy to find, helpful homework tips, fitness and bully information as well as college and reading tips. Click here to get more tips as well as access all the other resource pages from BGCA

Are you all set for back to school? Do you buy last minute or do you spread out your buying? Do you have any good tips or resources to share related to school? Feel free to leave them in the comments! I would love to read them or check out your blog post.

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  1. I love the homework tips! A homework kit sounds like a great thing to set up!


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