Look and Lose- same calories, more food!

The Eat & Beat Diabetes 
by Dr. Howard M. Shapiro and Chef Franklin Becker

Look and Lose -- Same Calories, More Food!
Includes tips and healthy meals for kids at risk
Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss: The 
Visual Program to Prevent and Control Diabetes
The most delicious way you can imagine to lose weight and manage diabetes

  • Overweight and at risk for diabetes?
  • Diagnosed as diabetic or prediabetic?
  • Worried about heart disease?
  • Need to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol?
  • Need to lose weight healthfully?
  • Want to prevent your children from getting diabetes?
Follow the plan in this book and you'll be on the road to health. You'll lose weight -- one of the most important components of diabetes prevention and management -- and you won't feel deprived. It's not about what you can't eat anymore -- it's about all the foods that will leave you satisfied and help you fight disease.

  • The latest research, revealing the four powerful nutrients that proactively beat back diabetes and its impact
  • More than 100 color photos of picture-perfect food comparisons that help you make the right choices
  • Tips for how to beat diabetes in any restaurant -- from fast food to haute cuisine
Beat diabetes and lose weight!

Ask any doctor or nutritionist who treats patients with diabetes: the first focus for controlling the disease is a healthy eating plan. But typical diabetic eating plans have been all about what you can't eat and what to do if you fall prey to a craving for foods you shouldn't have.

But now a typical day in the life of a diabetic might start with a smoked salmon-and-dill omelet, continue to a lunch of three-bean chili, salsa and guacamole, and finish with a dinner of grilled shrimp and shaved fennel, topped off by a dessert of chocolate terrine. It's a kind of eating that virtually guarantees not just control of the disease and a satisfying of the appetite, but an emphasis on specific nutrients that actually target diabetes, beating back its potential side effects and maintaining the healthy weight that is key to controlling the disease.

In Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss, Dr. Howard Shapiro uses the same visual method of food comparisons that made his bestselling weight-loss books so popular and easy to use. Now he has teamed with top chef Franklin Becker, a diabetic himself, and together they reveal the secrets to a diet that can actually help you prevent and beat diabetes -- without depriving yourself of delicious food.

You'll find:

  • Dr. Shapiro's Beat Diabetes Pyramid -- a simple way to understand the food groups that fight diabetes and help you lose weight
  • 50 recipes from the nation's premier chefs, which range from simple to sophisticated, so anyone can make tasty meals regardless of time or skill
  • A 7-day sample meal plan
This book is perfect for visual learners!  The photos are huge and glossy which makes healthy food and recipes look extremely appetizing!

I love how they compare foods to help you see the better choice:

For example:

 730 cal tuna on a baguette ( 3/4 c. tuna salad 330 cal., 5 oz baguette 400 cal)


470 cal  tuna salad on whole wheat and a bowl of chunky veggie soup (3/4 c. light mayo tuna salad  225 cal, 2 slices whole-wheat bread 140 cal, 2 slices of tomatoes 5 cal, Soup 100 cal)

Which would you choose? How about the choice with more food! The book visually shows over and over examples of food choices where you are eating more food, consuming less calories, and eating healthier.  Sometimes we just need to see what is good for us to eat vs. what we are already eating. 

The 50 recipes look unbelievable! The first one I'm trying is Red Snapper in Tomato-Saffron Broth (we have saffron left over from another meal that I've been wanting to use). How about an apple and peach crumble or citrus granita?

Here is your chance to take a quiz and see if you know which is the better food choice! Don't get tricked like I did on a few of them!

 Thanks to FSB Associates for such a tasty book to review. The opinions on MY TAKE ON THE BOOK are all of my own tasty words!


  1. Susan, I got tricked on a lot of them! I thought I knew a bunch but I guess I don't. I may have to see if the library has it.
    Thanks for the review!

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