National Watermelon Day Recipes & Crafts

Enjoy this tasty day. I'm going to celebrate with a Watermelon Lime Margarita!

I LOVE watermelon. How about you? Here are some of my favorite watermelon ideas from my blogging friends and on Pinterest. Don't they look great? Do you have any watermelon ideas? Leave them below. If you have ideas on your blog, feel free to leave the links in the comments so that I can come visit!


  1. Hi Susie! GREAT post. I was delighted to see it on Pinterest, yes, I follow your National Food Holiday Board but from the looks of it, I better recheck your other boards which look mighty tasty!!!

    I didn't post for Watermelon Day today but I did make a Board up on Pinterest for National Watermelon Month. Here's the link if you would like to check it out.

    In the mean while, I think I'll give this post a quick retweet and visit you other boards!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

    Oh, I just remembered, I did do a Quick Links post for Watermelon a while back, let me go check the link. I'll be back later if I find it, lol...

  2. Hi again, Susie. Here it is I found the Quick Links for Watermelon Month!

    P.S. We're celebrating Brownie Month over at my blog!!!

  3. How did I not know it was National Watermelon Day? Love it!!


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