Back to College Rush Savings Tips

The back to school rush is on everywhere we turn. From store to store to home to college parents and students are rushing to get everything that they need at an affordable cost. 

Do you have kids in college? Are you sending them off to school? Have you taken care of everything at home to prepare them for living away from home for the next few months? It seems like we have list after list that has been made to not forget the little important things to survive school and dorm life. 
As the parent, do you remember going away for the first time? Do you remember  being so focused on finding the best deal on the expensive books you needed, finding your new classes, balancing new life without constant parental interaction, trying to know when to eat and sleep that you had little time to run out and get supplies to keep your laundry clean, dishes done and living environment tidy? Whew! I'm overwhelmed by just typing that all of that out!

When it comes to bulk buying for the back to school rush, Sam's Club offers instant affordability on all the supplies needed to last several months at a time. This is reassuring for us parents to be able to get bulk supplies all at one spot. Sam's Club offers cleaning and laundry supplies, room organization products and all the school supplies needed as well as personal care products to last for months at a time. For young women this does include feminine hygiene products and even snacks & drinks for late night snack attacks.
(Our bulk back to school supplies!)

Why buy in bulk? This is the perfect time to reinforce to your teens and young adults that buying in bulk does save money. The cost of tuition, room and board, and textbooks are some of the areas where we have little control of the needed funds. On the other hand, we can turn to Sam's Club to buy in bulk. This saves families money and it is also a great place to buy back to school supplies.

Do you bulk buy? Do you pass that on to your college kids? When was the last time you popped into Sam's? Before you head out, check out the Sam's Club website where you can see for yourself what they have to offer. 

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