Skookie Cookie Cast Iron Cookie Skillet

Camp Chef has the ideal solution for the perfect dessert! The Skookie Cast Iron Skillet puts a new twist on fresh baked brownies & cookies. This dessert is not only delicious, but it is also easy and fun to make!

 In addition to these tasty treats, this cast iron skillet is also great for personal pizzas, fajitas, and more. The Skookie Cast Iron Skillet is made with the highest quality cast iron and seasoned with natural oils that are baked directly into the iron. This creates a natural, non-stick finish which is also simple to clean. This great piece of cookware combines even heating, superior heat retention, and a natural stick-resistant finish to give the best tasting results possible!

My little teen chef made these with me. They are so yummy! Check out the steps below. The kit comes with a recipe book, too.
We plan on making mini pizzas next! 

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