Best Kahlua Recipes for Kahlua Day {February 27}

Kahlua coffee liqueur is one of my favorites! It can be added in recipes, cold drink recipes and of course, hot drinks such as coffee. I have several favorite kahlua recipes of my own to share as well as some from other blogs. Do you ever use kahlua when you cook or for drinks? I so, what is your favorite? Enjoy this happy Kahlua Day!
Kahlua Drink Recipes
Kahlua Day February 27 

Kahlua Drink Recipes - Add a shot of Kahlua to any of these drinks!

Kahlua Drink Recipes

Kahlua Drink Recipes

Kahlua Drink Recipes

Kahlua Drink Recipes

Kahlua Drink Recipes

kahlua recipes

Iced Coffee - add in a shot of Kahlua

kahlua drink recipes

Coffee Iced Cubes (to add to your glass of Kahlua)

Kahlua Dessert Recipes

kahlua dessert recipes

tiramisu recipes

Kahlua Tiramisu Recipe - quick and easy

kahlua dessert recipes

gluten free desserts

fondue recipes

gluten free brownies

Fudgy Kahlua Brownies - gluten free

dessert kahlua recipes

kahlua dessert recipes

How do you like your Kahlua? Share your ideas in the comments! If you have any recipes on your blog, leave your links! Happy Kahlua Day!

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  1. I remember the first time I had was served in a drink with milk, which I really hate, but...surprisingly, I didn't seem to mind! ;) Pinning this.

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up at Wordy Wednesday! :)


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