{Summer Drink Recipe} Thai Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk

What are some of your favorite cool, summer drinks? In the summer do you prefer your coffee hot or cold? When it comes to coffee in the morning I will always be a hot coffee drinker. If I go get coffee at a coffee shop, it will almost always be hot or extra hot. I do though, enjoy cold coffee drinks when we eat out or at home during the day. My teens love cold coffee drinks and often have the blender going in the summer just to make a fun summer drink recipe

Thai iced coffee with coconut milk 


3 oz cold water
1 Tablespoon simple syrup
A few leaves of mint 
2 oz coconut milk 


1-Infuse the coconut milk with mint and mix in sugar. Depending upon the coconut milk, you might need to dilute with a little water to get it to a creamy texture.

2-Pull espresso into a glass.

3-Add cold water, then ice, some will melt as it cools the espresso, diluting the drink more.

4-Pour the sweetened, mint-infused coconut milk on top. 

*Coconut milk takes over the part of sweetened condensed milk, incredibly. It’s rich & flavorful and balances well with coffee flavor. The mint is great because of its ability to enliven and freshen up something so rich. 

Kitchen Notes-
If you do not have expresso, you can make this with your leftover cold coffee or even make some really strong coffee just for this drink. Espresso rocks this drink but again, you don't have to use it.

With the temperature outside rising, take your morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up and add some ice! To add a little adventure to your average coffee lineup, try out some new and refreshing mix-ups from KRUPS. Charles Babinski, KRUPS Brand Ambassador, offers insight and recipes into some of the best chilled drinks perfect for cooling down during the recent heat waves.

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